CKXO-FM, Planete 93.5, Chibougamau

Cogeco Inc.

CKXO-FM201893.519,800Cogeco Media Inc.
CKXO-FM200593.519,800Group Radio Antenne “6” Inc.
CJMD-FM200393.519,800Group Radio Antenne “6” Inc.
CJMD-AM199312401,000/250Group Radio Antenne “6” Inc.
CJMD-AM197812401,000/250Placements Claude St-Arnault Inc.
CJMD-AM197112401,000/250Radio Maria Chapdelaine Inc.


On July 29, Radio Maria-Chapdelaine Inc., owner of CHVD Dolbeau, was granted a licence for a new AM station at Chibougamau. The station would broadcast on a frequency of 1240 kHz with a power of 1,000 watts daytime and 250 watts at night omnidirectional and would have additional studios at Dolbeau.

CJMD began broadcasting on November 21.


On July 8, CJMD Inc. was given approval to purchase CJMD from Radio Maria Chapdelaine Inc. (ownership unchanged).

On the same date, CJMD Inc. was licenced to operate an AM station at Chapais on 1340 kHz with 250 watts of power, non-directional.


CFED Chapais signed on the air.


On March 22, CJMD Inc. (Chibougamau and Chapais) was authorized to transfer shares from the estate of Jean-Marie Duchaine and from G. Savard, to Carmen Duchaine.


CJMD and CFED were authorized to join the Radiomutuel network (CJMS Montreal).


Placements Claude St-Arnault Inc. received approval to acquire CJMD Chibougamau, CFED Chapais (from CJMD Inc) and CHVD Dolbeau (from Radio Maria-Chapdelaine Inc.)


On January 25, CJMD Chibougamau Inc. received approval to acquire CJMD and CFED from CJMD Inc.


On December 13, CJMD was authorized to increase night-time power from 250 watts to 1,000 watts.


CJMD and CFED were sold by C.J.M.D. Chibougamau Inc. to CJMD Chibougamau (1986) Inc. (Daniel Tremblay, Frontenac Tardif and Jean-Robert Tardif).


On July 15,Marc-André Lévesque, on behalf of a company to be incorporated, was granted approval to acquire CJMD and CFED from Fabien Tremblay, trustee in bankruptcy of CJMD Chibougamau (1986) Inc. In approving the transfer, the CRTC noted the main benefit flowing from the transaction would be the revival of the station and its rebroadcast transmitter. The stations would rebroadcast co-owned CHRL in Roberval. 


Gestion Germaine Lévesque Inc. sold 50% of Radio Chibougamau Inc. to a new company to be incorporated, owned by Gestion Germaine Lévesque Inc. (50%) and Rosaire Leclerc and Gestion Stalnia Inc. (André Tremblay) (50%). The company was known as Group Radio Antenna 6.


On July 28, Radio Chibougamau inc. was given approval to convert CJMD to the FM band, operating on 93.5 MHz with an average effective radiated power of 19,800 watts. The new station would provide the same pop-rock music format offered by CJMD-AM. The new FM operation would also replace CJMD’s rebroadcast transmitter CFED-AM at Chapais.

CJMD moved to the FM band later in the year. The call sign changed to CKXO-FM.


CKXO-FM changed its name from “Tag Radio” to “Planete 93.5”.


On August 31, the CRTC administratively renewed the licence for CKXO-FM until March 31, 2012.


On March 20, the CRTC administratively renewed the licence for CKXO-FM to August 31, 2012. On August 28, the licence was administratively renewed to December 31, 2012. On December 21, the licence was renewed to August 31, 2017.


On October 11, the CRTC approved the application by Cogeco inc. on behalf of its subsidiary Cogeco Media Inc. for authority to acquire CKXO-FM and several other stations from RNC Media Inc.

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