CKAJ-FM, Community, Jonquière

Radio Communutaire de Jonquiere Inc.

CKAJ-FM199792.52,693Radio Communutaire de Jonquiere Inc.
CHOC-FM197792.53,000Radio Communutaire de Jonquiere Inc.


Radio Communutaire de Jonquiere Inc. was granted an FM licence. It had applied to use 93.7 MHz with effective radiated power of 423 watts but was told to seek an alternate frequency. A later application for the use of 92.5 MHz was approved. Power was still 423 watts.


Community station CHOC-FM Jonquière began broadcasting on April 11.


CHOC-FM was granted a change of transmitter site along with a power increase (ERP) to 3,000 watts.


CHOC-FM received a two-year short-term licence renewal from the CRTC because of the licensee’s difficulties in complying with various commitments contained in its Promise of Performance


Radio communautaire du Saguenay Inc. had its licence renewed for only two years due to a variety of problems. At the renewal hearing, the licensee stated that since the last licence renewal there had been a large turnover of staff and members of the station’s board of directors, noting that all but one of the board members were new. These frequent changes had contributed to a lack of adequate training and a poor understanding of CRTC policies and regulations on the part of those responsible for the station’s operation. The licensee also pointed out that the start-up of CFIX-FM inChicoutimi had had a profound impact on the operation of CHOC-FM and had resulted in a period of indecision and low morale among CHOC-FM staff and volunteers.

The CRTC was gravely concerned about the station’s repeated failure to comply with the commitments outlined in its Promise of Performance and with Commission policies and regulations, especially in light of a serious warning issued to CHOC-FM in 1986. Despite the concerns, the licence was renewed for two years in view of the new management’s serious efforts to improve the station’s performance. 


CHOC was given a one year licence renewal and put on notice that further non-compliance with regulations may result in non-renewal. Lack of logger tapes was a major problem and the station said it had bought a new and better machine. It was noted that volunteers produce 50% of CHOC’s programs.


The licence was renewed for only eight months because of the licensee’s failure to comply with its Promise of Performance and the logger tape provisions of the regulations. 


A two-year licence renewal was granted to allow the licensee to demonstrate to the CRTC that, through its efforts, it was capable of assuming the responsibilities associated with the operation of a community radio station and of complying with the logger tape provisions of the regulations. CHOC had repeatedly been in trouble with the Commission for failure to live up to its commitments. Station management said it had replaced almost all of its management and would now have participation from the local CEGEP. The CEGEP offered to locate the studios and transmitter at the campus and involve its students in programming. The CEGEP’s media department trains over 100 students a year.


On August 23, CHOC-FM again received a two year licence renewal. Logger tapes were the problem. The CRTC noted that this renewal was the sixth consecutive short-term renewal for the station. The Commission viewed with very serious concern the repeated non-compliance of Radio communautaire du Saguenay Inc. with regulatory requirements. As a result, the Commission issued a Mandatory Order which would be in effect for the period of the new licence term.

On December 19, CHOC received approval to decrease effective radiated power from 3,000 watts to 2,693 watts.


On October 28, Radio Communautaire du Saguenay inc. had its licence renewed until only February 28, 1997. At the renewal hearing earlier in the year, the licensee informed the CRTC that CHOC-FM had discontinued broadcasting for financial reasons. After discussing its financial situation with the Commission, the licensee requested a licence renewal for three to six months to allow it to seek solutions to its problems and to consult the general public regarding the station’s future. The licence was renewed for a few months. The station was continuing to have difficulty in meeting all rules and regulations. During questioning on this matter, the licensee indicated that its staff had been reduced due to financial problems, and that the station was essentially being operated by volunteers. The work of managing and supervising a group of over 30 volunteers was being carried on by the only two regular employees remaining on staff: the director and the secretary. Although the station had once again contravened the regulations, the Commission considered that issuance of a mandatory order would serve no purpose, particularly given that CHOC-FM was not operating now and its future was still uncertain. CHOC was put on notice that if it wishes to have its licence renewed beyond 28 February 1997, it must show cause why the Commission should grant such a renewal. 


On February 27, Radio communautaire du Saguenay inc. had the licence for CHOC renewed for one year.



On October 27, CKAJ-FM Saguenay (zone Jonquière) was authorized to operate an FM transmitter at Saguenay (zone La Baie), using 99.7 MHz with an average effective radiated power of 60 watts.                       


On August 8, the CRTC administratively renewed the licence for CKAJ-FM Jonquière, and its transmitter CKAJ-FM-1 La Baie, until August 31, 2013.


On July 9, the CRTC gave CKAJ a short-term licence renewal to August 31, 2023 due to issues of non-compliance.

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