CIMH-FM, Sept-Iles

Clement Gagnon

CIMH-FM198294.1 MHz100,000 wattsClement Gagnon
CIMH-FM198094.1 MHz82,500 wattsClement Gagnon


Clement Gagnon, representing a company to be incorporated, received approval to operate a new FM station at Sept-Iles, subject to confirmation under the DOC’s amended FM allocation plan for Quebec. Gagnon proposed to operate the station on a frequency of 94.1 MHz with effective radiated power of 82,500 watts. The first local commercial FM station in the market would emphasize local and regional news.


CIMH-FM went on the air in August. It used a McMartin BF-25K transmitter. It was owned by Radio FM du Nord.

The transfer of 33% of Radio FM du Nord Ltee’s shares from M. Paquet to the remaining two shareholders was approved. Clement Gagnon would hold 50.1% and Jacques Beaulieu would have a 49.9% interest.


CIMH-FM was authorized to increase effective radiated power to 100,000 watts.


The licence for CIMH-FM was revoked at the request of the licensee.

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