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Radio Ntetemuk Inc.

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On April 27th, the CRTC announced that it had approved the issuance of an FM native community radio licence to Radio Ntetemuk Inc, Betsiamites, QC, for a station that would broadcast 15% French and 86% in the Montagnais language. The licence would be for a two year period to expire on Sep 30th 1984, and the station would broadcast on 95.1 MHz with a power of .6 watts. The Commission was particularly concerned that there should be emphasis on Montagnais programs that reflected the lifestyle of the community.


On January 11th the station, along with many other community radio stations, received a one-year licence renewal from October 1st 1984 to September 30th 1985, to give the licensees time to work on revising their Promises of Performance in the context of a 1983 CRTC Policy Statement.


CIMB-FM received a two-year licence renewal.


Radio Ntetemuk Inc received a four-year licence renewal for CIMB-FM on June 10th 1987. The new licence would expire on August 31st 1991. The station continued to broadcast on 95.1 MHz.


On February 20th, Radio Ntetemuk received a seven year renewal of its licence for CIMB-FM. The station would broadcast a total of 73 hours per week of programming in the Montagnais language, of which 63 hours would be local programming, and 10 hours would originate from the Société de Communication Attikamekw Montagnais network (SOCAM).


As it was in the process of reviewing its native broadcasting policy, the CRTC gave CIMB-FM, along with over twenty other native radio stations, a one-year administrative licence renewal, from September 1st 1999 through August 31st 2000.


Pending receipt of comment from interested parties on certain policy issues related to native broadcasting, the Commission gave several stations, including CIMB-FM, a further one-year administrative licence, to expire on August 31st 2001.


On June 15th, the CRTC gave CIMB-FM a seven-year licence renewal, from September 1st 2001 to August 31st 2008. The renewal specified that the station was not limited in the amount of advertising it could carry, but was required to broadcast certain minimum amounts of Canadian content music. The station, and others like it that received renewals at the same time, was encouraged to use programming from other native radio stations or networks after it had itself signed off the air.


On August 29th, CIMB-FM was given a short-term licence renewal of four years, September 1st 2008 – August 31st 2012. This was because the station had made late filings of its annual returns in 2001 and 2005; the Commission would be assessing the station’s compliance with the Regulations during the new licence term. 


On August 17, the CRTC administratively renewed the licence of CIMB-FM to August 31, 2013.


On May 3, the CRTC administratively renewed the licence of CIMB-FM Betsiamites to August 31, 2013. The Commission noted that it had not received the licence renewal application for this station. If an application was not received by November 29, 2013, it may no longer renew the licence.

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