CHPH-FM, Aboriginal, Wemindji

Wemindji Telecommunication Association

CHPH-FMn/an/an/aWemindji Telecommunication Association


Wemindji Telecommunication Association launched CHPH-FM 99.7 on April 5, 1984. Since its launch the station added a rebroadcast transmitter (CHPH-FM-1) at 92.5 MHz. Full ER Power for the main transmitter was 24,650 watts. WTA’s mandate “is to serve the people of Wemindji in particular and Eeyou Istchee more generally with Cree language programming, up-to-date information, discussions and entertainment. We aim to maintain our language, strengthen our culture, and instill pride in our identity through our programming. Our work upholds the Vision the Statement of the Cree Nation of Wemindji.”

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