CHME-FM, Community, Les Escoumins

Radio Essipit Haute Côte-Nord

CHME-FMn/a94.7567Radio Essipit Haute Nord


CHME-FM signed on the air. 


On January 11, the CRTC renewed CHME-FM’s licence until September 30, 1985.


On May 11, La Radio Communautaire Montagnaise Escoumins Inc. was given approval to increase the transmitter power for CHME-FM from one to ten watts.


On Februay 11, CHME (owner now listed as Radio Essipit Haute Côte-Nord) was authorized to relocate the transmitter site from the north shore of the St. Lawrence River to the south shore of the river at Sainte-Françoise; change the frequency from 95.1 MHz to 94.9 MHz, and increase effective radiated power from 12 watts to 567 watts.


CHME-FM was authorized March 25 to add transmitters at Tadoussac (99.7 MHz / 8.9 watts ERP) and Sacré-Coeur (99.7 MHz / 24.4 watts).


On August 25, CHME-FM was giver approval to increase effective radiated power from 567 watts to 2,559 watts. The change was intended to improve the reception quality of its signal for listeners in the upper north shore of Quebec.

On September 30, Radio Essipit Haute Côte-Nord was licenced to add a transmitter at Forestville. It would broadcast at 99.7 MHz with an effective radiated power of 50 watts. CHME-FM stated the new station would offer programming that would reflect the social, cultural, economic and community life of Forestville and of the Haute Côte-Nord region.

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