CHLC-FM, FM 97.1, Baie-Comeau

Radio Port Cartier

CHLC-FM199697.14,207Radio Port Cartier
CHLC-FM199197.14,207Cogeco Inc.
CHLC-AM19865805,000/10,000Cogeco Inc.
CHLC-AM19865805,000/10,000Radio Cote Nord Inc.
CHLC-AM1983580500Radio Cote Nord Inc.


Radio Côte-Nord Inc. was licensed to operate an AM station at Hauterive, and CHLC signed on the air on September 15.


At this time, CHLC was operating on a frequency of 580 kHz with a power of 5,000 watts day and 2,500 watts at night. J. Claude Tremblay was president of Radio Côte-Nord Inc. and Henri Desjardins was CHLC’s manager.


Radio Côte-Nord Inc. received a licence to operate a rebroadcaster of CHLC at Forestville. It would operate on a frequency of 620 kHz and have a full-time power of 1,000 watts.


Rebroadcaster CFRP Forestville signed on the air.


CHLC and CFRP were given approval to affiliate with the Radiomutuel network.


On March 6, the CRTC renewed the broadcasting licence for CHLC Baie-Comeau and its rebroadcaster CFRP Forestville to September 30, 1989.


On November 21, approval was given for the transfer of effective control of Radio Côte-Nord Inc., through the transfer of 915 Class A voting shares and 1,415 Class B non-voting shares to Marcel Plamondon and the transfer of 1,005 Class A shares and 425 Class B shares to 101095 Canada Ltée, a company controlled by Marcel Plamondon. The transferred shares were held by several minority shareholders of the licensee company. The ownership structure of Radio Côte-Nord Inc. would now consist of 101095 Canada Ltée (49%), Marcel Plamondon (46.3%) and twelve other shareholders (4.7%). Control would now rest with Marcel Plamondon, a resident of Baie-Comeau.


On January 27, the CRTC approved the application to amend the licence for CHLC by increasing the day-time power from 5,000 to 10,000 watts. The licensee indicated that this increase would improve service to Baie-Comeau and the surrounding area.


On May 19, CHLC and CFRP were given approval to disaffiliate from the Radiomutuel network.  Newscasts other than those devoted to local or regional reports wouldl now originate with Broadcast News.


Co-owned CKDO-FM commenced broadcasting on March 31.

On June 10, approval was granted for the transfer of effective control of Radio Côte-Nord Inc. (CHLC and CKDO-FM Baie-Comeau and of CFRP Forestville), through the transfer of 96.35% of the common voting shares from Marcel Plamondon to COGECO Inc. Mr. Plamondon decided to dispose of his broadcast undertaking because of serious illness in his family which required a lot of his time, and because there were no relatives who could take his place.


Sister station CKDO-FM left the air.


The licence for CHLC (and CFRP) was renewed August 19. It was noted at this time that as a result of the amalgamation of radio and television operations which were wholly-owned subsidiaries of Cogeco Inc., Cogeco Radio-Télévision Inc. was now the licensee for CHLC and  CFRP. The stations received approval to reduce the amount of locally-produced programming from 126 hours to 40 hours per broadcast week. CHLC and CFRP would affiliate with the new Cogeco Radio-Television Inc. network approved by the CRTC on August 6, and would broadcast 86 hours of programming originating from that network. 


Cogeco received approval to move CHLC 580 to the FM band. The new station would broadcast on a frequency of 97.1 MHz and have an effective radiated power of 4,207 watts. 


CHLC’s converstion to the FM band took place.

Cogeco Radio-Télévision inc. sold CHLC to 9022-6242 Québec inc., which became
Radio Port-Cartier Inc.


On September 30, CHLC-FM was given approval to convert CFRP Forestville (CHLC re-broadcaster) to the FM band. The new transmitter would operate at 100.5 MHz with an average effective radiated power of 3,374 watts. 


On May 28, the CRTC renewed the licence of CHLC-FM (and its transmitter CFRP-FM Forestville) until August 31, 2016.


The CRTC approved the change in the effective control of 9022-6242 Québec inc. from a control exercised by Cécile Duchesneau to a control exercised by her spouse, Yvon Savoie. 9022-6242 Québec was the licensee of CHLC-FM Baie-Comeau.

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