CFMF-FM, Community, Fermont

Radio Communautaire de Fermont Inc

CFMF-FM1990103.16560Radio Communautaire de Fermont Inc
CFMF-FM1979103.120La Radio Communautaire de Fermont Inc.


CFMF-FM Fermont was launched on September 15th, on 103.1 MHz, with an effective radiated power of 20kw. It was licensed to Radio Communautaire de Fermont Inc.


On January 11th, following a CRTC Review of Radio, and a Policy Statement and proposed amendments to the Radio (FM) Broadcasting Regulations, CFMF-FM and a large group of radio stations across the country received a one-year licence renewal, October 1st 1984 – September 30th 1985.


On August 26th, the CRTC issued Public Notice 1985-194, The Review of Community Radio. Pending review of the implications of this review, the Commission gave CFMF-FM and other community stations a further six month licence renewal, October 1st 1965 to March 31st 1986.


On June 26th, CFMF-FM received a further two-year licence renewal, to expire on September 30th 1988. The CRTC expressed concerns at the station’s failure to adhere to its Promise of Performance and to Commission Policies and Regulations. At the same time, the Commission recognized that the new policy on community radio was very recent, and hoped that the new policies could be of assistance in resolving some of the financial problems experienced by CMFM-FM and other community radio stations. The Commission asked for a six-month report on CFMF-FM’s compliance with its Promise of Performance.


During the summer, internal management problems caused the station to cease operations for a while, a matter which the CRTC would address when CFMF-FM’s licence came up for renewal the following year.


In renewing the station’s licence on September 30th for only another three years, to August 31st 1991, the CRTC noted that recent internal management problems had been a factor in CFMF-FM ‘s repeated failure to comply with its Promise of Performance commitments, and Commission Policies and Regulations. The decision to renew the licence recognized the importance of community radio in the Fermont area, but the Commission expressed its intention to monitor the station’s performance closely during the new licence term.


On January 15th, the CRTC granted the station’s application to increase its effective radiated power from 40 watts to 6560 watts, which would improve service to Pointe Parent and extend coverage to Aguanish and Ile-a-Michon.


On September 4th, CFMF-FM received CFTC approval to broadcast , on a part-time basis, twelve hours of programming per week that would originate with CJRM-FM Labrador City – who would in turn receive and broadcast 12 hours of programming from CFMF-FM.


On June 12th, the CRTC approved the renewal of CFMF-FM’s licence for a further five years, to expire on August 31st 2000. The Commission emphasized that the renewal for only five years as opposed to the normal seven was for administrative purposes only, and did not reflect any concern about the station’s performance.

The Commission also approved the elimination of the part-time broadcast of programs from CJRM-FM Labrador City.


On August 4th, citing a backlog of applications awaiting decisions, the CRTC gave short six-month renewals to a long list of licencees, including CFMF-FM Fermont, to expire on February 28th 2001.


On February 26th, CFMF-FM received a six-year renewal of its licence, to expire on August 31st 1007. In renewing the station’s licence, the Commission said that it had examined an opposing intervention filed by the Comité des Citoyens Fermontois, ands was satisfied with the licensee’s reply to the intervention. CFMF-FM would produce 88 hours per week of local programming.


In the absence of any interventions, the CRTC renewed the licence of CFMF-FM on May 22nd for a period of seven years, from September 1st to August 31st 2014. By this time the station was on-air 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


In November, CFMF received CRTC approval to increase ERP from 9 to 32 watts (20 to 50 watts max.). Antenna height would be lowered from 99 to 46.2 metres (EHAAT) and the transmitter would be relocated.


On May 23, the CRTC approved a decrease in power for CFMF from 50 to 37 watts. EHAAT would be reduced from 46.2 to 17.0 metres and the transmitter would be relocated.

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