VF8011-FM, Religious, Saint-George-Ouest

Fabrique de la Paroisse Saint-Georges d’Aubert-Gallion

VF8011-FMn/a92.10.8Fabrique de la Paroisse Saint-Georges d’Aubert-Gallion


On January 20, the CRTC approved Fabrique de la Paroisse Saint-Georges d’Aubert-Gallion’s application for a broadcasting licence for a French-language religious FM radio programming undertaking at Saint-Georges-Ouest, on the frequency 92.1 MHz, channel 221LP, with an effective radiated power of 0.8 watt. The licence would expire AUgust 31, 2002. The applicant would broadcast a minimum of 35 hours of local programming per broadcast week. The undertaking would provide live broadcasts of masses, marriages, funerals, baptisms and other such religious ceremonies.


VF8011 began broadcasting.


On November 21, the CRTC set out an exemption order for low-power radio stations that provided programming that was derived solely from houses of worship. The exemption order went into effect immediately. Licensees of radio programming undertakings that considered their operations to be eligible for exemption under the order could file a simple statement asking that the Commission revoke their licences. VF8011’s broadcasting licence would expire on August 31, 2014.

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