Comité de la Radio communautaire huronne Wyandot inc.

CIHW-FM1984100.350Comité de la Radio communautaire huronne Wyandot inc.


CIHW 100.3 with 50 watts ERP began broadcasting from Village-des Hurons. The station was licensed to Comité de la Radio Communautaire Huronne-Wyandot Inc.


On April 15, the CRTC approved the application by Comité de la Radio communautaire huronne Wyandot inc. to change the authorized contours of CIHW-FM by relocating its transmitter to another site in Wendake (formerly Village-des-Hurons) and by decreasing the EHAAT from 25 to 21.7 meters. Wyandot stated that it was necessary to relocate the transmitter as a result of the sale of the existing transmitter site and facility.


On January 17, the CRTC aproved the application by Comité de la Radio communautaire Huronne-Wyandot inc. to operate a Type B Native FM radio station in Wendake. The applicant operates the low-power, Native radio station CIHW-FM Wendake, and wished to operate the station as a regular-power station to improve both the signal’s quality and strength to more effectively reach a large share of its target audience. CIHW-FM would operate at 100.3 MHz (channel 262A) with an average ERP of 239 watts (maximum ERP of 400 watts with an EHAAT of 18.9 metres).

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