CHJM-FM, Mix 99.7, St-Georges-de-Beauce

Radio-Beauce Inc.

CHJM-FM198799.7100,000Radio-Beauce Inc.


Radio Beauce inc., owner of CKRB-AM, was granted a licence for a new FM station, operating on 99.7 MHz with an effective radiated power of 100,000 watts.


CIRO-FM began broadcasting on June 22.


CIRO, which agreed not to sell advertising outside Beauce when it went on the air in 1987, was relieved of that commitment. The CRTC noted that the stations protected, especially CFJO-FM Thetford Mines, were now in a stronger position. 


CIRO became CHJM.


Marie Jalbert purchased 100% of Radio Beauce inc.

Later in the year, Guy Simard purchased the company. Radio Beauce inc.

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