CFIN-FM, Passion FM, Lac-Etchemin

Radio Bellechasse Inc.

CFIN-FM1991100.59,600Radio Bellechasse Inc.


On March 14, the CRTC approved the application by Radio Bellechasse for a broadcasting licence to operate a French-language FM community radio broadcasting undertaking at Lac-Etchemin, on the frequency of 100.5 MHz with an effective radiated power of 9,600 watts. The licence would expire on 31 August 1994. The proposed station would provide a community radio service to the regional county municipalities of Etchemins and Bellechasse. According to the applicant, its primary market area would include some forty small communities with a total population of about 50,000. The Commission had denied two previous applications this applicant to establish a radio station in this area. The new station would broadcast 96 hours weekly of diverse and complementary programming targeted to all age groups. Its local and regional focus would be reflected in its news programming and 6 hours per week of magazine and public affairs programs.


CFIN-FM was on the air.


On September 17, CFIN-FM was authorized to add a rebroadcast transmitter at Armagh, operating on frequency 103.9 MHz with an effective radiated power of 1,120 watts.


On February 18, CFIN was granted an increase in ERP for CFIN-FM-1 Armagh from 1,120 to 1,390 watts. The increase  would reflect the as-built technical facilities.


On May 28, Radio Bellechasse was granted licences for transmitters of CFIN-FM at Saint-Anselme (105.5 MHz / 32.25 watts), Saint-Jean-de-l’îled’Orléans (105.5 MHz / 34.75 watts) and Saint-Malachie (105.5 MHz / 34 watts). The new transmitters at Saint-Anselme and Saint-Malachie would broadcast the programming of CFIN-FM to serve the populations of those areas. The new transmitter in Saint-Jean-de-l’île-d’Orléans would improve the current service in Beaumont, Saint-Michel-de-Bellechasse and Saint-Vallier, which is of poor quality due to the land topography. 


On August 31, the CRTC administratively renewed the licence for CFIN-FM and its transmitters CFIN-FM-1 Armagh, CFIN-FM-2 Saint Malachie, CFIN-FM-3 Saint Anselme and CFIN-FM-4 Saint-Jean-de-l’Ile-d’Orléans to December 31, 2011.


On August 28, the CRTC administratively renewed the licence of CFIN-FM Lac Etchemin and its transmitters CFIN-FM-1 Armagh, CFIN-FM-2 Saint-Malachie, CFIN-FM-3 Saint-Anselme, and CFIN-FM-4 Saint-Jean de l’Île d’Orléans, until December 31, 2012. On December 21, the licences were renewed to August 31, 2018.


In June, the CRTC approved a decrease in ERP for CFIN from 9,600 to 8,600 watts. Antenna height would be raised.


On August 14, the CRTC gave CFIN-FM Lac-Etchemin and its transmitters CFIN-FM-1 Armagh, CFIN-FM-2 Saint-Malachie, CFIN-FM-3 Saint-Anselme and CFIN-FM-4 Saint-Jean de l’Île d’Orléans a short-term licence renewal to August 31, 2023. During the broadcast week of October 16-22, 2016, the licensee devoted only 14% of the music broadcast to content subcategories other than subcategory 21. The regulations called for a level of at least 20%. In 2012, CFIN received a short-term renewal due to its non-compliance related to the filing of annual returns.

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