CKUT-FM, Campus, Montréal

McGill University

CKUT-FM198890.35,700McGill University


Closed-circuit CFRM was launched on the campus of McGill University. 


On March 19, Martha-Marie Kleinhans, representing a company to be incorporated, received a licence to operate an English-language institutional FM station at McGill University, operating on the 90.3 MHz frequency with an effective radiated power of 5,700 watts.


CKUT-FM signed on the air. 


CKUT was given approval to decrease effective radiated power from 5,700 to 4,946 watts.  


On August 15 the CRTC renewed CKUT-FM’s licence until August 31, 2014. Condition: The licensee shall devote, in each broadcast week, 12% or more of its musical selections from content category 3 (Special Interest Music) to Canadian selections broadcast in their entirety.

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