CKON-FM, Aboriginal, Akwesasne

Akwesasne Communication Society

CKON-FM198497.3n/aAkwesasne Communication Society


CKON-FM signed on the air on September 29 from the St. Regis Indian Reserve near Cornwall (Cornwall Island). The station broadcast on a frequency of 97.3 MHz. The call letters were reflective of the traditional Mohawk greeting for “hello”. The station broadcast information, entertainment and music (“The more music, more often” station) and promoted the Mohawk culture to some 10,000 residents in the border area. The CKON studios and offices were in the Akwessasne Communications Society building. The station physically operated from two countries (Canada and the United States), as well as two Canadian provinces (Ontario and Quebec) and one American state (New York). The Akwessasne Communications Society building was actually located in St. Regis, Quebec and Hogansburg, New York! CKON-FM was not federally licensed – not by the CRTC in Canada, and not by the FCC in the United States.

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