CKLM-AM, Laval/Montréal

Stereo Laval Inc. / Ordered off the air.

CKLM-AM1994157010,000Stereo Laval Inc. / Ordered off the air.
CKLM-AM1962157010,000Radio Laval Inc.


Radio Laval Inc. (Roland Saucier & partners) started CKLM in August. Studios were at 1184 ouest, rue Ste-Catherine. CKLM broadcast on 1570 kHz with a full-time power of 10,000 watts (single day and night directional pattern), using two 254 foot towers. The “LM” in the call sign: Laval-Montreal.


In April, CKLM was given approval to operate non-directionally during daytime hours. Mario Verdon was President of Radio Laval Inc. and Roland Saucier was CKLM’s General Manager. CKLM was independent, having no network affiliation. Approval was granted for the transfer of 2,000 common shares of Radio Laval Inc. from Mario Verdon to D’Arcy Labrosse and Roland Saucier. Before the transfer, there were five shareholders with each holding 20%. Labrosse and Saucier would each hold a 10% interest after the transfer.


On December 2, CKLM increased power to 50,000 watts full-time, using different directional patterns for day and night operation.


Roland Saucier launched CFGL-FM in Laval.


Guy D’Arcy-LaBrosse was general manager.


Lt. Col. Herve Baribeau of Levis announced his plans to purchase CKLM. He already held minority interests in CHRC/CFCM-TV/CKMI-TV and CKRS Radio-TV. Baribeau’s son Michel would act as director and controller of CKLM and former owner Guy d’Arcy would be station manager.


On February 15, approval was given for the transfer of 4,000 common and 2,400 preferred shares of Radio Laval Inc. from Guy D’Arcy Labrosse to Baribeau & Fils Inc. At this time, Baribeau held substantial interests in CHRC and CKCV Quebec City. It was to dispose of CKCV at the earliest possible date.


On March 15, Radio Laval Inc. became Tele-Capital Enterprises Ltd. CKLM was given approval to move studios and offices from 1184 Ste-Catherine St. W., Montreal to 1600 St-Martin Blvd. E., Laval.


On August 7, approval was granted for the transfer of indirect control of (A) Enterprises Tele-Capitale Ltee (CKLM, CFCM-TV, CKMI-TV, CFER-TV and CFER-TV-1); (B) CHRC Ltee (CHRC-AM and CHOI-FM) – through the transfer of not less than 50.5% of Class B common voting shares of Tele-Capitale Ltee (the parent company) from Claude Pratte and one or both of the other major shareholders, Jevlam Inc. (J. A. Pouliot) and Baribeau & Fils Inc. (Baribeau family) to Corporation de Gestion La Verendrye. This was conditional on Corporation de Gestion LaVerendrye doing a public offering within 21 days to acquire Class A common non-voting shares of Tele-Capitale. . J. Conrad Lavigne was among the new directors of Tele-Capitale. The company undertook to make the following improvements at CKLM: improved news service.


The purchase of CKLM-AM by Stereo Laval Inc. (CFGL-FM and CIEL-FM) from Tele-Capital Enterprises Ltd. was approved by the CRTC. Also approved was a reorganization by which Stereo Laval would be wholly-owned by Placements Roland Saucier Inc., and CIEL-FM would operate autonomously as Radio MF CIEL (1981) Inc.


Roland Saucier (Stereo Laval Inc.) sold his interest in CKLM but retained CFGL-FM. CKLM was sold to a numbered company (122342 Canada Ltee). The new owner proposed to operate the station with a Contemporary MOR format with 70% of all vocals being French-language.


On February 28, the CRTC approved the application by 146253 Canada Inc. (wholly owned by Brunet-Lasalle Corporation) for authority to acquire CKLM from Mr. André Giroux, receiver for the property of Société de Radiodiffusion Audiogramme (CKLM) Ltée. According to the new Promise of Performance submitted, the licensee intended to increase its spoken word content, particularly with regard to backgrounding, community services and public affairs. CKLM’s music format would be changed from Contemporary MOR to MOR and would continue to highlight past hits. The Commission noted that the licensee intended to base its programming on the Laval community and expected it to give particular attention to local and regional news and public affairs. In this respect, the Commission noted the commitment to broadcast at least 25 % of local news and a two-hour public affairs program Monday to Friday. In light of the acquisition of the assets of CKLM authorized hereby, the Commission considered that no further action was necessary on the application for renewal of CKLM’S licence submitted by Société de Radiodiffusion Audiogramme (CKLM) Ltée dated 24 May 1985.


Andre Refiange died at age 57. At one time he had his own program on CKLM.


Studios were listed at 315 W St. Martin, Laval.


On July 18, the CRTC ordered CKLM off the air. Note: this was not the first time in recent years that CKLM was off the air.

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