CKBS-AM, Saint Hyacinthe

Cogeco Inc. / Licence turned in.

CKBS-AM19911240250Cogeco Inc. / Licence turned in.
CKBS-AM19591240250Radio St-Hyacinthe Ltée.


Radio St. Hyacinthe Ltee. opened CKBS on October 1, operating on 1240 kHz with a power of 250 watts. CKBS was an independent station with no network affiliation.


J. M. Lorange was president of Radio St-Hyacinthe Ltee and Benoit Vanier was manager of CKBS.


Radio St. Hyacinthe Ltee. sold CKBS to Radio St-Hyacinthe (1978) Ltée.


Radio St-Hyacinthe Ltee, 80% owner of CKBS, was authorized to sell the station to Roger Duceppe (53%), Michel Chapdelaine (35%) and Richard Loiselle (12%).


CKBS was granted an increase in night-time power from 250 to 1,000 watts.


Approval came for an increase in daytime power from 250 to 1,000 watts.

Roger Duceppe sold 30% of Radio St-Hyacinthe (1978) Ltée to André Lagacé. The ownership structure was now: Michel Chapdelaine (35%), André Lagacé (30%), Roger Duceppe (23%) and Richard Loiselle (12%).


CKBS launched sister FM station CFEI on March 30.

Radio St-Hyacinthe (1978) Ltée was sold by Michel Chapdelaine, André Lagacé, Roger Duceppe and Richard Loiselle to Cogeco Inc. The purchase involved stations CKBS-AM and CFEI-FM in St-Hyacinthe. Roger Duceppe was in ill health, so it was decided the company should be sold.


On April 10, the CRTC revoked the licence for CKBS at the owner’s request, due to a poor financial situation. Cogeco Inc. said it had been unsuccessful in efforts to revive the AM station and would continue to serve the community through CFEI-FM. Cogeco also received approval to close CKDO-FM at Baie-Comeau. The CRTC expressed concern that the closures came less than three years after the stations had been purchased by Cogeco. Cogeco had owned CKBS through subsidiary Radio St-Hyacinthe (1978) Ltee.

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