CKAV-FM-10, Aboriginal, Montréal

CKAV-FM-102006106.7Aboriginal Voices Radio Network


On July 2, the CRTC approved the application by Aboriginal Voices Radio Inc. for a new native Type B FM radio station in Montréal that would feature programming in English, French and Aboriginal languages. The use of frequency 100.1 MHz was denied though and AVR was directed to submit, within six months, an amendment to the proposed technical parameters predicated on the use of another frequency. AVR was a not-for-profit corporation incorporated under federal jurisdiction on  July 17, 2001. It had a licensee for a native FM station in Toronto. Applications by AVR for stations in Ottawa, Kitchener-Waterloo, Calgary, and Vancouver had also been approved by this time. AVR was also the licensee of Aboriginal Voices Radio Network (AVRN), which would distribute the programming of the Toronto station to other AVR stations.


On March 18, Aboriginal Voices Radio Inc. received an extension to July 2, 2004, of the time limit to submit an application predicated on the use of a frequency other than 100.1 MHz for the operation of its new Montreal station. A further extension was granted on August 19. AVR now had until October 2, 2004 to seek an alternate frequency for Montreal.


AVR received another time extension on January 26 for use of an alternate FM channel at Montreal. This third grant gave them until April 2, 2005. A further extension was granted on May 24 – to July 2, 2005.  On July 8, AVR received a further extension – to January 2, 2006. At this time, the CRTC put AVR on notice that, if it were to file another application requesting an extension of the time limit to commence operation of this proposed station, it must also submit a detailed report providing information on its progress with respect to the implementation of the new station and on the development of programming to be broadcast on the station. Any such report should clearly illustrate that the implementation of the station will be imminent. The Commission also put AVR on notice that failure to commence operation of the station within a reasonable period of time would cause the authority granted to become null and void.


On March 27, the CRTC approved in part an application by Aboriginal Voices Radio Inc. for an extension of the time limits imposed on it with respect to the native Type B FM radio stations authorized to serve Vancouver with a transmitter in Abbotsford, Calgary, Ottawa/Gatineau and Montréal, respectively. AVR had requested an extension to September 1 for each station. Subsequent to filing the present application, AVR filed another application for the use of a frequency other than 100.1 MHz for the radio station authorized to serve Montréal. Accordingly, the Commission found that there was no need to extend the deadline for AVR to file an application in this regard.  On June 9, Aboriginal Voices Radio Inc. received approval to use frequency 106.7 MHz in Montreal. Average effective radiated power would be 320 watts. AVR’s original application had called for use of 100.1 MHz with an ERP of 1,000 watts.  CKAV-FM-10 Montreal began broadcasting on September 30th. It was operating at low power until a new tower was erected on top of the former Montreal Stock Exchange building in downtown Montreal. Authorized directional power when fully operational would be 1,200 watts.


On April 3 the CRTC revoked the licence of CKAV-FM-10 Montreal at the request of Aboriginal Voices Radio Inc.

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