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CPAM Radio Union

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On November 7, CPAM Radio Union.com inc. was given approval to operate a new French-language ethnic AM radio station in Montréal. The station would provide programming to serve the Francophone ethnocultural communities of Haitian, Latin-American and African descent in the greater Montréal area. CPAM Radio Union.com inc. was a private commercial company owned by Jean Ernest Pierre. CPAM’s new station would broadcast on 1610 kHz with a power of 1,000 watts (non-directional),


CJWI 1610 (“CPAM Radio Union”) signed on the air in the summer. Studios and offices were located at 3733, Jarry Est, 2e Etage in Montreal. A short fibreglass whip antenna transmits the CJWI signal from the roof of a warehouse on Jarry Blvd, near Autoroute 40.


On December 13, CJWI was authorized to broadcast limited amounts of programming in third languages, that is, in languages other than French, English or an Aboriginal language.


On October 26 the CRTC approved an application by CPAM Radio Union.com inc. to amend the broadcasting licence for CJWI Montréal by changing the frequency from 1610 kHz (class C) to 1410 kHz (class B), by modifying the authorized contours by increasing the transmitter power from 1,000 to 10,000 watts day and night, and by relocating its antenna to another site. The licensee indicated that listeners in certain areas, specifically downtown Montréal and Montréal’s north and south shores, are having difficulty receiving the existing AM signal. CPAM explained that during the past two years, an AM radio station from Toronto broadcasting on the same frequency has become a source of sky wave interference, particularly at night. Moreover, since CJWI’s target audience has moved to the Montréal suburbs, the proposed technical changes would allow it to remedy the interference problem and provide a higher quality signal to its audience.


CJWI moved from 1610 to 1410 KHz. Power increased from 1,000 watts (full-time) to 10,000 watts (full-time). 1410 kHz was used years ago by CFMB – now on 1280 kHz.


CPAM 1410 returned to the air a few days after being firebombed on September 18. This was the third time the station had been a target of a firebombing since 2012. Station management said they believed the incident was related to their vocal support of the taxi industry in the battle between the Quebec government and Uber.


On May 18, the CRTC gave CPAM Radio Union.com inc. a short-term licence renewal for CJWI, to August 31, 2018. The short-term renewal would allow for an earlier review of the licensee’s compliance with regulatory requirements. In addition, the Commission issued mandatory orders requiring CPAM Radio Union.com inc. to ensure that CJWI complied at all times with sections 8(1), 8(4), 8(6), 9(2), 9(3)(b) and 9(4) of the Radio Regulations, 1986.


On August 27, CJWI’s licence was renewed for a short term – to August 31, 2022, due to ongoing issues of non-compliance.

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