CJLV-AM, Radio Mieux-être, Laval

Gilles Lajoie and Colette Chabot

CJLV-AM2010157010,000Gilles Lajoie and Colette Chabot
CFAV-AM2004157010,000Gilles Lajoie and Colette Chabot


On July 2, Gilles Lajoie and Colette Chabot were awarded a licence for a new commercial French-language AM station in Laval. The station would provide a nostalgia format and target an adult audience aged 50 years and over. The station would operate on 1570 kHz with a power of 10,000 watts, day and night. The 1570 frequency was used in the past by CKLM Laval.


CFAV, known as “Radio Nostalgie” began testing in January and signed on the air on March 9.


Approval was granted for the transfer of ownership and effective control of Diffusion Laval inc. (owner of CFAV) to Pierre Marchand, through the acquisition by Placements Marchand inc. of all the shares of Diffusion Laval held by Mr. Gilles Lajoie.


On May 19, the CRTC renewed the broadcasting licence for CFAV Laval for a short-term period of four years in light of the licensee’s non-compliance with the requirement to file annual returns and with its condition of licence relating to Canadian talent development contributions. This short-term renewal would allow the Commission to review at an earlier date the licensee’s compliance with its regulatory obligations and with its conditions of licence. The Commission approved the request for an amendment to CFAV’s licence to increase from 30% to 35% the level of Canadian content broadcast in each broadcast week and between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. Monday to Friday. The licence was renewed to 31 August 2013. 

CFAV changed its branding from “Radio Boomer” to “1570 AM” but retained the Oldies music format. On July 24, the call letters were changed to CJLV. The LV in the calls represented Laval.


On May 3, the CRTC approved the application by 7590474 Canada Inc. to acquire, from Diffusion Laval inc., the assets of CJLV. 7590474 Canada was a company controlled by Radio Humsafar Inc., which itself was controlled by its majority shareholder, Jasvir Singh Sandhu. 


On March 13, the CRTC denied an application to amend the licence for CJLV. 7590474 Canada Inc. applied to amend the licence for CJLV in order to authorize it to devote, in each broadcast week, up to 40% of its programming to third-language programming. The licensee stated that the station was experiencing significant financial losses. According to the licensee, approval of this application would enable it to serve certain underserved communities and increase station revenue, as well as to complement services already available. CFLV was originally licensed in Broadcasting Decision 2003-193 to Gilles Lajoie and Colette Chabot, on behalf of a corporation to be incorporated, and was renewed in Broadcasting Decision 2010-290 for a short-term period of four years. This short-term renewal was due to the non-compliance of Diffusion Laval inc., the licensee at the time, with regard to the requirement to file annual returns and with its condition of licence relating to Canadian talent development contributions. On 3 May 2011, the Commission approved the acquisition of CJLV by 7590474 Canada. After a review, the Commission considered that the current proposal could have a negative impact on the ethnic stations in Montréal, which already provided programming to the ethnic communities targeted by this application. Furthermore, the Commission noted the comments made by certain interveners regarding the fact that the licensee did not broadcast any third-language programming, and was reminded that it could air in each broadcast week, up to 15% of its programming in third-language programming.

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