CJLO-AM, Campus-Community – Concordia’s Underground Radio, Montréal

Concordia Student Broadcasting Corporation

CJLO-AM200816901,000Concordia Student Broadcasting Corporation


On March 10, the CRTC approved an application by Concordia Student Broadcasting Corp. for a broadcasting licence to operate an English-language community-based campus AM radio station in Montréal. The proposed station would operate at 1690 kHz with a transmitter power of 1,000 watts, day-time and night-time. The applicant stated that, in each broadcast week, the new station would broadcast 126 hours of programming. It indicated that 8% of the broadcast week would be devoted to French-language programming and that, in each broadcast week, 2% of the programming would include programs produced by students seeking to fulfil course requirements. The applicant stated that it would promote all genres of music and give priority to the development of Canadian artists. In order to achieve these goals, the station would offer wide exposure to local artists through sponsorship of local music shows and concerts and production of a compilation CD comprised of live in-studio performances by Canadian musicians. The station’s spoken word features would include The Concordian and The Link, one-hour news magazine programs produced by journalism and radio broadcasting students that would focus on issues pertaining to the university. CJLO radio plays, a one and half-hour program, would feature the talents of the university’s theatre department as well as of other interested students. The applicant stated that the station would be operated by students of Concordia University and community volunteers. The station would provide opportunities for students and other members of the local community to develop on-air broadcasting skills and provide monthly training seminars for its entire staff. The licence would expire 31 August 2012.


Concordia Student Broadcasting Corp. received approval to change the transmitter site for CJLO.


CJLO 1690 ended its test period on October 15 and signed on the air at 1:00 p.m.


On August 8, the CRTC administratively renewed the licence for CJLO until August 31, 2013.


The CRTC denied an application by CJLO to operate a nested FM transmitter (107.9 MHz with ERP of 100 watts) in downtown Montréal. 

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