CJAD-AM, News Talk 800, Montréal

Bell Media Inc.

CJAD-AM201380050,000Bell Media
CJAD-AM200780050,000Astral Media Inc.
CJAD-AM198580050,000CJAD Ltd. (Allan Slaight bought Standard)
CJAD-AM197880050,000CJAD Ltd. (Black brothers bought Standard)
CJAD-AM196480050,000CJAD Ltd.
CJAD-AM196180010,000CJAD Ltd. (Standard Broadcasting Co. Ltd.)
CJAD-AM195480010,000CJAD Ltd.
CJAD-AM19498005,000CJAD Ltd.
CJAD-AM19458001,000CJAD Ltd. (J.A. Dupont)


J. Arthur Dupont
Arthur Dupont

J. Arthur Dupont applied for an English AM licence at Montreal. The licence was granted. Dupont expected to have CJAD on the air late in the year following the lifting of the federal government’s freeze on radio equipment (after the war). CJAD would broadcast on a frequency of 800 kHz and have a power of 1,000 watts. Dupont had been commercial manager with CBC Montreal and had worked had been director of programming for the eastern division of the Canadian Radio Broadcasting Commission (became the CBC) when it opened in 1932. Dupont was president and general manager of CJAD. The “JAD” in the call letters: J. Arthur Dupont. CJAD had planned to share the Columbia (CBS) franchise with CKAC. CJAD would carry English programs and musicals with English announcements while CKAC would carry musicals with French announcements. The CBC board turned down CJAD’s application on this matter though.

CJAD signed on the air on December 8. Studios and offices were located in the Canadian Legion Building at 1119 Mountain Street. The transmitter was located at Ville de Brossard. On Day One, the announcing staff included Don Cameron, Hollis T. (Mac) McCurdy, who started in radio at CJIC Sault St. Marie and CKPC Brantford. Mac had served as a pilot instructor in the RCAF and took his discharge in Montreal where he found some work with the CBC (International Service) before joining CJAD.

Don Wall joined CJAD from CKY Winnipeg where he had been a control operator. Duke and Ruth Stubbs joined CJAD to do programs and traffic. They had been with CKEY in Toronto. Ron Dunn also joined the CJAD announce staff from CKEY. Lee Stubbs was traffic manager.


Arthur Burns joined CJAD as a scripter. Norman Marshall, formerly of CHML Hamilton and more recently, CKLW in Windsor, was now doing sports at CJAD and handling the station’s special events department. Maurice Bedard took over CJAD’s morning show. He had been with CKY Winnipeg. 


Al Cauley joined CJAD as a sportscaster. Announcer Bill Crone left CJAD for Toronto’s CKEY.

CJAD adopted a similar “blocked” program technique to that being used at           Toronto’s CKEY.

Announcer Stan Jones joined CJAD from CFCF. Other new staff at CJAD: announcer Hamilton Grant, former Molson newscaster; librarian Ruth Wilkes and announcer Fenwick Job, former pilot. Todd Graham joined CJAD (from CHML Hamilton) as new continuity writer on the production staff. Allan Cauley took over the evening shift at CJAD after leaving CKSF in Cornwall. Toronto’s Jack Kelly joined CJAD’s copy writing department. Michael Kane, formerly with the CBC, was now an announcer at CJAD. Ronnie Morrier, formerly with the CBC and with CJCH Halifax, joined CJAD to handle virtually all of the station’s special events. Wake-up host Maurice Bedard was selected to head up the newly established drama department at the Canadian Art Theatre. Ron Morrier was promoted to program director, replacing Hal Stubbs. 

Hollis MacCurdy became chief announcer at CJAD, replacing Terrence O’Dell who left for CKLW in Windsor. George Bishop and Lee Fortune (formerly of CKSF Cornwall) also joined the CJAD announcing staff. Hamilton Grant was named news editor. Hal Cooke took over management of CJAD but then left for CKEY Toronto. He had been managing CHEX in Peterborough.

On December 7, Ken Soble’s amateur show from CHML Hamilton, aired on CJAD, as well as on stations in Ottawa and Toronto.


CJAD applied for an FM licence – 6,020 watts with 205′ antenna height above average terrain. The CBC approved the proposal.

CJAD 800 applied to increase power to 5,000 watts (directional). The CBC approved the application.

Slogan: Covers the Quebec English Market….Greater Montreal, Laurentians, Eastern Townships, Lower Ottawa Valley.

Mac McCurdy became chief announcer.


CJAD increased power to 5,000 watts full-time, DA-1. 

Don Cameron hosted Make-Believe Ballroom.

CJAD became a member of the Canadian Association of Broadcasters. 


Slogan: CJAD Montreal offers you complete coverage and constant listenership to sell English speaking Quebec. 

The CBC turned down the transfer of 52 1/2 common shares in La Compagnie de Publication de la Patrie Ltee on the grounds that under the proposal, J.A. Dupont, owner of CJAD Montreal, would acquire an interest in another station in the same area.

Mac McCurdy was named program director.


Al Cauley did sports.

The CBC approved the transfer of 100 common shares in CJAD Ltd.


A further transfer of 22 common shares in CJAD Ltd. was approved.

Jim Tapp was named manager of CJAD.

CJAD 800 received permission to increase power from 5,000 to 10,000 watts. The power increase went into effect late in the year.

CJAD staff and management at the end of 1953: J. Arthur Dupont, Jimmy Tapp, Eileen St. Martin, Bob Laurion, Berthe Poulet, Pat Rose, Gae Dansereau, Therese Cote, Win LaFleur, Carmen Beaudoin, Kit Kinnaird, Maurice Rosseau, Don Wall, Lloyd Sharkey, Gordie Hope, Jack Edey, Johnny Forest, Ron Roberts, Donald Stewart, Morley Gough, Herve Guilbault, Leopold Simard, Mac McCurdy, Ed McGibbon, Hammy grant, Al Cauley, Art Leonard, Norm Kihl, Tom Lavers, Frank Williams, Paul Allen, Mike Stephens, Bill Roberts, Danny Gallivan, Lucille Senecal, Lee Payne, Anna Watt, Grace Bartholomew, Marjorie Comeau, Eddie Thomas, Jeanie Duquette, Evelyn Bullis, Mary Cantwell and David Higgins. 


Free-lance announcer Jimmy Tapp was appointed station manager of CJAD.

A print ad promoted the fact that CJAC would soon be 10,000 watts.

Hamilton Grant was news editor. Norm Kihl was on-air.

Slogan: Riding high in Montreal. CJAD Dial 800. 


On July 16, CJAD increased power to 10,000 watts full-time, DA-1, using four 206 foot towers. The site was located near Grande Ligne Road, Parish of LaPrairie, County of LaPrairie. 

Marjorie Comeau, librarian and broadcaster, died in January.

“Danny Dial” was the station’s print ad mascott. NOW 10KW.

Bill Jamieson left CJAD for CJON-TV St. John’s.


CJAD was a CBS affiliate. Ownership of CJAD Limited: J. A. Dupont 66.6%, M. Leroux 5.0%, Mrs. K. K. Dupont 1.5%, J. C. Kelly 0.1%, J. L. Dupont 0.1%, Montreal Trust Co. 26.7%.

Arthur Dupont was president of the company and Mac McCurdy was CJAD’s manager. Ned Conlon was program director, Hamilton Grant was news director and Danny Gallivan was sports director. Gord Hope was Chief Operator. Announcers included Bill Roberts, Jack Curran, Rod Dewar, Ted Murphy, Gene Kirby, Mike Stevens, Ned Conlon and Mac McCurdy. On News – Hamilton Grant and Al Cauley


Ad slogans: In Montreal, buyers listen to CJAD. / CJAD is the most listened to station by English families in Greater Montreal with a BBM rating of 207,000 radio homes. / When it comes to buying power…1 = 10. That’s why CJAD’s balanced programming means superior sales in Metropolitan Montreal, the Eastern Townships, the lower Ottawa Valley and Eastern Ontario! Sell with CJAD Radio Montreal. / Standout service to the community is one of the reasons why CJAD leads in all surveys in Montreal and English-speaking Quebec. News as it happens, accurate weather forecasting, expert sports reporting, mobile-transmitter coverage of special events – all these are confidently expected and continuously received by CJAD’s listeners. To this, add informative women’s programs that really entertain…quality music attuned to today’s moods…CBS network favorites…and you have Balanced Programming – it sells your product on CJAD. / Note that CJAD is the most popular station for all types of programmes and enjoys a wide superiority in news and music (the two most important features in radio). / Give your product the PREFERRED spot on the MONTREAL dial…800. CJAD sells while it plays!

Lyman Potts, former CKSL London manager, was appointed production manager of CJAD. He was also a consultant to Arthur Dupont who was planning to apply for a TV licence. He started in radio at CHWC Regina, then continued with CKCK when the two stations merged in 1936. At CKCK he climbed the ladder from operator to announcer to traffic manager to program director, until 1940 when he was transferred to CKOC Hamilton to be production manager. He was named assistant manager there in 1947 and he held that post until 1956 when he left for CKSL. Mac McCurdy was promoted from program director to station manager. Gene Kirby was an announcer at CJAD.


CJAD’s studios and offices were moved from the Legion Building to the second floor of the DeRice Building on the north-east corner of Mountain and St. Catherine’s Streets. 

Announcers included Mac McCurdy, Rod Dewar, Mike Stephens, Gerry Bascombe and Bill Roberts (mornings). Mariane Eaton was also at CJAD. Doris Clark was women’s editor.

Ad: CJAD sells while it plays! 800 Montreal CJAD.

In September, Standard Radio Ltd. concluded an agreement with J. Arthur Dupont for the purchase of CJAD Ltd., subject to BBG approval. Dupont would continue as a director and consultant to CJAD.


Standard Broadcasting (CFRB) purchased CJAD. 

Mac McCurdy ended his successful career as an announcer to devote his full time to managing CJAD (vice president and general manager upon Standard’s purchase). Lyman Potts took over as Program Director. Doug Williamson was News Director, Ernie Mott was Chief Engineer.

Plans were begun to apply to the BBG for an FM licence.

It was at this point that Lyman Potts unveiled a plan to pool CFRB’s and CJAD’s talent expenditures to record Canadian musicians in stereo and demonstrate to the BBG how the idea could be expanded with the support of other stations across Canada, to promote and employ Canadian artists in a manner never before possible.


On February 8, Messrs. Cran, McCurdy and Potts presented CJAD’s FM application, which included the recording undertaking, at a BBG Public Hearing in Quebec City.

CJAD Ltd. opened CJFM-FM on October 1, with a separate 18-hour program schedule and simulcasting with CJAD from midnight to 6 am, The Canadian Talent Library was given its premier performance.


George Balcaen joined CJAD to host the afternoon drive show.

Lyman Potts moved to Standard’s head office in Toronto as Assistant to President Thornton Cran and head of Standard’s FM division.


Especially to deal with night-time interference from CKLW Windsor which also occupied 800 on the dial, CJAD increased power to 50,000 watts day and 10,000 watts night full-time DA-2, using four 673 foot towers at Parish of St. Edouard, County of Napierville, about 20 miles south of Montreal.

Mac McCurdy persuaded popular CHML Hamilton broadcaster Paul Reid to move to Montreal and join CJAD. His five-hour nightly “Paul Reid’s Wonderful World of Music” was to boost the station’s rating and earn him a large and faithful audience.


W. C. Thornton Cran was president of the company. H. T. McCurdy was VP and general manager. Bill Roberts was morning man and PD. Doug Williamson was news director and Don Chevrier was sports director. Ernest Mott was chief engineer.


Peter Griffin joined from CHUM-FM in Toronto


Slogan: CJAD is Montreal’s leading English language radio station.

Former owner J. Arthur Dupont died at the age of 65. Peter Griffin returned to CHUM-FM. George Balcaen moved from PM Drive to mornings, replacing Bill Roberts.


George Balcan (who had now dropped the ‘e’ from his surname) was morning man, Bill Hambley was program director.  

Such was the popularity of the poems that Paul Reid would read from time to time on his program, that an LP of his poems, titled “A Letter to My Love”, was issued in 1968, set to music by Denny Vaughan. 

Bill Roberts was vice president of programming. Rod Dewar hosted the 9 a.m. to noon show. 

Slogan: CJAD 800 – First of all in Montreal. 

It was announced on June 26 that Standard Radio Ltd. would be renamed Standard Broadcasting Corp. Ltd. 

Douglas W. Williamson was director of news. Sidney Margles was appointed deputy news director. He would also continue in his existing role of director of special events.

W.C. Thornton Cran, president of Standard Broadcasting, appointed Hollis T. “Mac” McCurdy as president of CJAD Ltd. Mac had been with CJAD since its inception in 1945. The appointment was effective in June when Mac was marking 25 years of service with the station. McCurdy had been vice president and general manager since 1961 when the station was purchased by Standard.

Roderick B. Blaker was named director of public affairs. 


Hana Gartner joined CJAD in November. Rick Leckner began doing traffic reports in October. 

CJAD subscribed to the Standard Broadcast News service. SBN received direct feeds from NBC New York by broadband. 

Senior salesman Tom G. Vradenberg left for Radio-Television Representatives Ltd. 


Pat Hurley, Vice President and Sales Manager of CJAD, was named Vice President of CFRB and CKFM (Toronto), succeeding Wally Shubat who resigned. George Daniels, Vice President of the Montreal office of Standard Broadcast Sales, succeeded Hurley as Vice President and Sales Director of CJAD. William F. Hambly was appointed Vice President and Director of Programming. He had been CJAD’s Program Director.

Hana Gartner started her journalism career at CJAD.


Dick Varney was doing PM drive and Paul Reeves was on in the evening.


George Balcan left for CFCF.


George Balcan returned from CFCF. Hana Gartner left.

Paul Reid continued to broadcast his nightly show, and by now his annual “Paul Reid’s Christmas” program, in which he always read the story of the Littlest Angel, had become such a tradition that at Christmas 1974 it was released as an LP recording. 


Ted Blackman was news and program director.


George Balcan returned for mornings in September, from CFCF. He replaced Joe Cannon who moved to swing. 

In December, Don Hartford became president of CJAD Ltd.


Helene Gougeon was at CJAD. Andy Barrie left for CFRB Toronto.

Changes in the station’s prgramming direction resulted in Paul Reid leaving CJAD.  He returned to CHML Hamilton.  For many years, the “Paul Reid’s Christmas” recording continued to be a highly popular request on CJAD.


A new remote control system was installed for the CJAD transmitter. Ernie Mott was chief engineer.

Monty and Conrad Black took control of Ravelston Corp., which controlled Argus Corp., which controlled Standard Broadcasting, from the widows of J.A. MacDougald and W.E. Phillips.

On-Air: George Balcan (AM Drive), Helene Gougeon, Ted Blackman (ND & PD), Rick Leckner (Traffic). Lynn Desjardins joined for evenings from CFCF news. Al Dubois joins for PM Drive. Bob Dunn joined as sports director from the Montreal Star.  


The CJAD and CJFM studios and offices were relocated at 1411 Fort Street. 

Helene Gougeon left – replaced by Melanie King. 

CJAD started covering traffic in the 1960’s with a piston powered Bell 47 helicopter. The station graduated to a Bell JetRanger. In the past year, the station experimented with a twin engined Cessna Skymaster (fixed-wing) before settling into a piston-engine 2-place Hughes 300 chopper. Rick Leckner did CJAD’s traffic reports.


Gord Sinclair (Gordon Sinclair, Jr.) was appointed director of news and information for CJAD. He came to CJAD from CFCF. Joe Cannon joined the CJAD air staff.


CJAD launched its own magazine – The New Montrealer. It hoped to publish quarterly. Distribution would be primarily through the Gazette newspaper.


The CJAD transmitter building was remodeled and a new Continental 50,000 watt CW transmitter was installed. An addition to the building housed the new transmitter. The station now had two 50 kw transmitters and one 10 kw unit.

On June 22, CJAD began broadcasting in stereo, using the Motorola system. 

Mike Stevens was on the air at CJAD.


Slaight Communications (J. Allan Slaight) purchased Standard Broadcasting Corporation Ltd. from Argus Corp. (Conrad & Monty Black). The sale was announced March 29 and approved by the CRTC in November. 

CJAD vice president and general manager Ralph Lucas moved to CFRB Toronto as Vice-President, Programming. He was replaced by Greg Stewart who had been CJFM’s manager. 

Al Cauley, one of English Montreal’s best-known radio broadcasters (for almost 40 years), died at age 68. He joined CJAD in 1946 as a sportscaster. Cauley was the first radio reporter to become a member of the Montreal Press Club. In 1973 CJAD created a journalism award in his name at Concordia University.


Standard Radio Inc. was set up as a division of Standard Broadcasting Corp. to own and operate the company’s radio stations. 

CJAD/CJFM vice president of sales, John Bartrem, left for Ottawa’s CKOY/CKBY-FM. Ed Cliff became vice president of sales for CJAD and Barry Tomlinson became vp of sales for CJFM. 


Gord Sinclair was CJAD’s news director. 


John Eakes joined for weekends. Rob Braide became vice president and general manager of CJAD/CJFM-FM. He had been program director at CHOM-FM. Ed Cowell joined CJAD as weekday weatherman, succeeding Bill Haldimand who was now heard on the station’s weekend forecasts. Cowell had been with Environment Canada, but had worked in the past at CBM Radio.


Glenn Cole was doing sports.


Announcers included George Balcan, Chuck Phillips, Chris Mota, Mike Stevens, John Eakes, Melanie King, Gord Sinclair (news), Rick Leckner (Traffic).


Kevin Holden joined to do traffic reports (Rick Leckner was still doing traffic too). Peter Anthony Holder joined for evenings/overnights.


Ted Blackman was named CJAD’s program director.


CJAD began simulcasting its programming on CKTS-AM Sherbrooke.

45-year broadcast veteran Gord Sinclair had his contract renewed for another five years as director of the 20-person news and public affairs department at CJAD. 

Marc Denis joined to do remote broadcasts.


CJAD revised its daytime line-up. Melanie King took over from Royal Orr on January 4 in the 10 a.m. to noon slot, and returned with Melanie’s Body Shop, 1-2 p.m. Jim Duff handled the 2 to 4 p.m. talk show. The 4 to 7 p.m. 30/30 News would start at 3 p.m. on Fridays for the weekend beat the traffic crowd. 

On-Air: Marc Denis (Remotes), Ted Blackman (Sports, PD), Terry Haig and Mitch Melnick left for CIQC, John Eakes (Weekends), George Balcan (AM Drive), Kevin Holden (Traffic), Peter Anthony Holder, Rick Leckner (Traffic), Gord Sinclair.


CJAD-CJFM chief engineer Ernie Mott died on March 14. He had been with the stations for some 20 years. Before that Mott worked for Roy Thomson’s Northern Broadcasting. 

Robert Libman joined Cindy Sherwin for a weekly talkshow on October 19. Jason Mayoff (news) left for CIQC.

Standard Broadcasting felt the time had come, with annual subsidies to Standard Broadcast News in excess of one million dollars, to terminate service to other than its owned and operated stations. It maintained an Ottawa bureau, exchanged reports from its O and O’s, and eventually, rejoined the Broadcast News service.


Marc Denis left. Aislin (long-time cartoonist of the Montreal Gazette) joined for a weekend show in September. Come July, Ted Blackman was no longer program director. Rob Lurie joined mid-year to do an overnight talk show (from CIQC). 

Bob Laurion died. After working for CBC Montreal and serving in the Navy, he joined CJAD when it went on the air in 1945. He had been the station’s office manager when he retired.


Melanie King left in June after 15 years with CJAD. Avril Benoit joined from CBMT Television in August to do mid-mornings, replacing Melanie King.


Kevin Holden (former traffic reporter & producer) and his wife Trudie Mason started hosting “Sunday Brunch” in January.

Avril Benoit left July 8 for CBC Radio One’s “This Morning”.

Lynn Desjardins returned to CJAD from CBMT-TV in September to replace Avril Benoit. Dick Irvin (long-time radio voice of the Montreal Canadiens) had his big band program cancelled in September.

In October, Kevin Holden and his wife started “The Matinee” program weekday afternoons.

Other on-air people: John Eakes (Weekends), George Balcan (AM Drive), Lori Graham (Traffic), Ted Blackman (Sports Director), Peter Anthony Holder, Rick Leckner (Traffic), Gord Sinclair (News Director). 

Steve Kowch was operations manager.


CJAD lost all four of its towers in the Ice Storm of ’98 in January. Immediate arrangements were made to borrow the La Prairie transmitter site of CFMB, and CJAD began broadcasting on 1410 kHz. CFMB had moved the previous year from 1410 to 1280 kHz, using the former CJMS 1280 transmitter site. The CFMB 1410 site had not yet been dismantled. CJAD didn’t stay on 1410 for long as the directional pattern on that frequency missed most of CJAD’s Anglophone audience in West Montreal. The next move was to 990 kHz. CJAD made arrangements with CHUM-owned CKGM to use its transmitter and frequency temporarily.

Lynn Desjardins left on February 9 for Radio Canada International.

George Balcan retired on April 17.

Ricky Cyr (runner-up in the “It’s My Show” contest) joined in August for evenings.

Jason Mayoff (News) returns from CIQC on September 2. Lori Graham (Traffic) left on September 14.


Rod Dewar was now doing commentaries at CJAD. Dewar was the long-time host of “Starlight Concert”, until it was cancelled in mid-year. The program had had a 48 year run on CJAD. 

Steve Kowch left CJAD to become operations manager at CFRB in Toronto. Rick Moffat moved up from assistant program director to become PD. Derek Conlon was now assistant news director. 

Hockey expert Pierre McGuire was heard on CJAD.


Ricky Cyr left CJAD. Former CJAD personality Helene Gougeon died in May. Rick Leckner (Traffic) left on June 22. Mitch Melnick returned to CJAD from CIQC for evenings.


CJAD was given approval to operate a transitional digital radio undertaking. Transmitters would be installed at Place Ville-Mare in Montréal and at Laval. The EUREKA-147 digital audio broadcasting system would be employed. The transmitters would operate on 1454.56 MHz with an effective isotropic radiated power of 1,400 watts at Montréal and 1,594 watts at Laval.  

Terry DiMonte was doing mornings. Ted Blackman gave up his sports director post in May. Mitch Melnick left for CKGM in May.


Standard Radio took ownership of CHOM-FM from CHUM Ltd.

Former CJAD personality Dick Varney passed away at age 72 on April 16.

Gord Sinclair died at age 74 on July 12.

Former CJAD personality Ted Blackman died October 1. He was 60.

The news team included Claude Beaulieu, Jason Mayoff, Catherine Wood, Derek Lind, Derek Conlon, Caroline Phaneuf, Richard Deschamps, Tom Armour, Shuyee Lee, Kelly Lapare, Karlie Goodleaf, James Fitz-Morris, Rod Dewar, Lisa Gillette, David McKee, and Tim Parent.


Mac McCurdy who joined CJAD on its first day of operation in December 1945, passed away at age 84 on December 3. While at the station he went from announcer to chief announcer, then program director to station manager. In 1974, he became president of CJAD’s parent company, Standard Broadcasting Corp. Ltd.


In December, long-time CJAD announcer Jack Finnigan died at age 65. He had been with the station since 1972 and was best known as the former host of the afternoon drive show. More recently, Jack hosted the CJAD 800 Finnigan Quiz (trivia).


On September 27, Astral Media Radio G.P. received CRTC approval to acquire the assets of the radio and TV undertakings owned by Standard Radio Ltd., subject to certain conditions.  The purchase included CJAD-AM, CJFM-FM and CHOM-FM. 


In August nine people lost their jobs at CJAD. Late-night talk show host Peter Anthony Holder; weekend hosts Laurie MacDonald and Olga Gazdovic; as well as long time newscaster Kathy Coulumbe, were among the casualties. Dan Laxer (“Laxer Live”) replaced Holden and Trudie Mason in the 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. time slot. Mason would play a larger role in the news department. Also gone are Rod Dewar; Saturday-night solid-gold host Al Gravelle, and Sunday host Jake Lawrence. Operations manager Bob Harris said they were announcing programming and promotional changes to improve their product and better focus programming into prime-time hours. 

After being let go by sister station CFRB in Toronto, Astral gave Steve Kowch the opportunity to work a six month contract with CJAD. He accepted. He would be program and news director.

Martin Spalding, assistant vice-president, sales and marketing for Astral Media Radio Quebec, was named vice-president and general manager of Virgin Radio 96, CHOM 977 and CJAD 800 effective November 2. Luc Tremblay currently VP/GM of the stations and vice president, Operations of AMRQ, would now concentrate on the management of the Quebec operations and would return to the René-Lévesque offices as of November 2.Bob Harris currently vice-president, programming and operations manager of CJAD, Virgin 96 and CHOM would move to the post of vice-president and GM of Astral’s Hamilton stations K-Lite, Talk 820 and Oldies 1150 in January 2010. Jacques Bolduc, GM, local sales in Montreal, would see his responsibility broaden by taking on management for Local Sales of AMRQ.

With the departure of VP programming/operations manager Bob Harris to Astral Radio Hamilton (in January 2010), the following appointments were made in Montreal by VP/GM Martin Spalding. Mark Bergman was named interim program director of Virgin Radio 96. Mark would also continue his afternoon drive shift and music director responsibilities. Mathew Wood was appointed CHOM 97-7 promotion director. Melissa Mancuso was named Virgin Radio 96 promotion director. Bianca Bayer was appointed Virgin Radio promotion co-ordinator. Lisa Fuoco was named promotion director CJAD 800. With former CJAD PD Mike Bendixen accepting the role of PD of CFRB Toronto, Chris Bury formerly of CINW (940 News) was appointed CJAD program director/interim news director (effective January 4, 2010).


Ronald Adam Krochuk died at age 73. Krochuk held sales and marketing positions at such stations as CJOB Winnipeg, CJAD Montreal, CFRB Toronto and at the now-Corus Radio Hamilton stations.


Chris Bury became Program Director/Interim News Director at CJAD. Bury, formerly of 940 News Montreal who then worked on contract at CBC Montreal, began at Astral January 4. He succeeded Steve Kowch who was in Montreal on a six month contract after leaving CFRB Toronto. Kowch remained with CJAD until December 18 and then moved back to his home in Toronto. Lisa Fuoco became Promotion Director at CJAD.The new Weather Specialist on CJAD morning show was CTV’s Lise McAuley. 

Martin Tremblay returned to Astral Media Radio Montreal as Director of Content and Sales. He had been with Astral Media Radio Toronto’s Virgin Radio and boom 973.

Former CJAD announcer Rod Dewar passed away at 83 in March. The imposition of the War Measures Act in 1970 put Dewar off the airwaves after he told his audience: “I went to bed in a democracy and awoke to find myself in a police state.” When he was told he was suspended for a week, Dewar rushed into the studio and quit on-air. He first joined CJAD in 1957 and made his last appearance on the station on August 4, 2009. After leaving the station in 1970, he returned again in mid-1975. He then left again to work in Toronto and Ottawa, but returned to CJAD with “Starlight Concert” in 1990. 

It was announced that Lisa Fuoco, CJAD’s Promotions and Community Relations Director, would leave that position March 1 (2011). Her husband, who had been a CJAD news anchor, moved to Newstalk 1010 Toronto.

Len MacDonald died. He had been a mainstay reporter with CJAD during the 70s and 80s, and served as a reporter/editor with Broadcast News at both Toronto and Montreal.

Astral’s Montreal head office moved June 28 to a new location at 1800 McGill College. The building formerly known as Place Montreal Trust became Maison Astral.

Tim Parent, formerly of CJAD, moved within Astral to become News Director/ Assistant Brand Director at Newstalk 610 CKTB. 


Andrew Cartwright, a former news director at CJAD, was now with Valley Heritage Radio 98.7 Renfrew as morning host. Tasha Anestopoulos became CJAD’s promotions and community relations director. Robert Latreille, the general manager of engineering at Astral and based in Montreal, retired November 11. He had been with the organization for 35 years.

After several years of airing Montreal Canadiens games, CJAD lost the rights and starting in the fall, The Habs would be heard on CKGM Team 990.

Aaron Rand took over CJAD afternoon drive on September 6, three months after his last morning shift on The Q (CFQR) in May. Ric Peterson was now hosting Free For All, a debate show at noon, and co-hosted The Ric (Peterson) & Suzanne (Desautels) Show with Suzanne Desautels from 1-3 p.m. Barry Morgan took over weekday evenings. Kim Fraser and Dan Laxer moved from middays to weekends.

Longtime Montreal radio personality Ted Tevan died at age 78. Tevan served as a colour commentator for Montreal Concordes football games on CJAD in 1982. 


Chantal Desjardins joined CJAD Montreal’s sports department. Senior vice president and CFO Claude Gagnon of Astral Media in Montreal, after 20 years with the company, retired. His successor was Robert Fortier, the VP, Finance. Fortier began as VP/CFO February 1.

Allan Keith Taylor died at the age of 98. During the Second World War, he was with RCA Victor in Montreal, testing transmitters for the armed forces. At war’s end, he joined CJAD Montreal as chief engineer. He later moved to CKEY Toronto as chief engineer. In 1960, when CFTO-TV Toronto was launched, Taylor became a transmitter supervisor and was involved in the planning and installation of CFTO’s transmitter at the CN Tower. He retired in 1980. 

Neil McKenty died at age 87. McKenty, an editorialist and talk show host at CJAD during the 1970s and ’80s, saw his midday numbers become top-rated. McKenty’s signature line, “the lines are blazing”, became part of Montreal radio lore. He left CJAD to write a book in 1985 but returned to broadcasting in 1987, this time at CFCF-TV Montreal (now CTV Montreal) where his popular phone-in program ran until 1990. 

Since September 3, Astral’s five radio stations, NRJ Montréal 94.3, 107,3 Rouge fm, CJAD 800 AM, Virgin Radio 96 and CHOM 97 7, had been broadcasting from the same address, thereby making Astral Radio Montreal Canada’s largest private radio broadcasting centre. Over the past year, Astral Radio had made major investments in its Montreal headquarters in order to make state-of-the-art technology an integral part of its infrastructure. The Astral Radio English-language stations (CJAD 800 AM, Virgin Radio 96 and CHOM 97 7) left their studios on Fort Street to join their French-language counterparts (NRJ Montréal 94.3 and 107,3 Rouge fm) at 1717 René-Lévesque Boulevard East. Astral Radio’s five Montreal stations were now united under one roof, sharing cutting-edge technology in their exceptionally modern and attractive new premises. In addition to uniting the strengths of the five stations, this endeavor brought stations, shows and radio personalities together under one roof.

Kathy Coulombe died at age 56. She was a Newscaster at CJAD/CHOM-FM for more than 30 years, then worked as a Researcher for Radio-Canada International.


Andrew Carter celebrated his 10th anniversary as CJAD morning man in February, making him the longest-serving morning host in Montreal’s English radio market at the time.

On June 27, 2013, after a previous such application had been denied in 2012, the CRTC approved an application by Astral Media Inc. to sell its pay and specialty television channels, conventional television stations and radio stations to BCE Inc., including CJAD.


John Robertson died at age 79. He started in broadcasting in 1973, working at CJAD and CFCF as an open line host. In 1977 he moved to CBWT-TV. 

Don Hartford died at age 95. He was president of Standard Broadcasting’s radio division; president of St. Clair Productions and Eastern Sound Systems; a director of Standard Broadcast Productions, Standard Broadcasting Corp. and Standard Sound Systems (Muzak). Hartford began his radio career as an announcer at CFAC Calgary and later became sales manager, then VP/GM. In 1960, he moved to Toronto and began his career with Standard. 


After some 50 years in Montreal radio, newscaster Tom Armour retired. He started out at CJQC Quebec City in 1959. Tom also worked at CJSS Cornwall and CFCF Radio and Television.

In December, CJAD celebrated its 70th anniversary by inducting three people into its newly-established hall of fame – George Balcan, Gord Sinclair and Ted Blackman. A generation of Montrealers woke up to Balcan’s morning show in the 1960s, when he was still Balcaen. Sinclair had the booming voice that provided provocative editorials and authoritative newscasts. Blackman was the sportscaster who also filled in as program director for a time.


In March, Jean Lapierre died at age 59, in a plane crash that killed six others including his wife and family members. They had been en route to his father’s funeral. Lapierre was an editorial contributor to CJAD and CTV Montreal. Before moving to journalism, he was a Liberal MP.

CJAD, in a new initiative to promote talented up-and-coming journalists, announced it would grant Gord Sinclair Radio Awards to two Concordia University students each year for the next three years. As well as receiving $2,500 each, winners would join the station’s news team for a summer internship.

Dave Fisher retired as weekend morning host on August 14. He had hosted the show at CJAD for 32 years.

On December 8, CJAD became available in HD via sister station CITE-FM. CJAD could be heard on the FM station’s HD2 channel.


After 40 years in broadcasting – more than half of that at CJAD – Tommy Schnurmacher retired on December 13.

Len Rowcliffe (88) died on December 19. He was one of the first helicopter traffic reporters on CJAD in the 1960’s and early 70’s. He went on to work at CFMS Victoria during the 1980’s and then CFAX Victoria in the 1990’s.


Tom Armour passed away at age 79 on December 7. Armour began his radio career in 1959 at CJQC Quebec City, then moved to CJSS in Cornwall. He moved to Montreal in the early 1960s to work at CFCF Radio, and later CJAD. He retired from CJAD in 2015.

Lyman Potts died December 9 at the age of 102. His radio career started at CHWC Regina in 1935. In 1940, he moved to Hamilton’s CKOC, as production manager. In 1956 he helped launch CKSL in London and then assisted Arthur Dupont (CJAD) in his attempt to gain a Montreal television licence. He later became GM of CJFM, which he helped put on the air in 1962. Lyman eventually became president of Standard Broadcast Productions. From 1970-74, he was president of Standard Broadcasting Corp. (UK). Potts retired from broadcasting in 1981 and formed J. Lyman Potts & Associates. He then went on to create the Canadian Talent Library, a non–profit trust supporting Canadian recording. Lyman was named a Member of the Order of Canada in 1978, inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame in 1976 and named to the CAB Broadcast Hall of Fame in 1987. He inspired the formation of the Central Canada Broadcast Engineers Association in 1953 and was a founding member of the Canadian Communications Foundation, serving as its vice-president from 1994 to 2004.

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