CFNJ-FM, St. Gabriel-de-Brandon

Radio Nord-Joli inc.

CFNJ-FM198599.1396Radio Nord-Joli inc.


CFNJ-FM was licenced on September 12. It would broadcast on 99.1 MHz with an effective radiated power of 396 watts. The station was also granted a licence for a rebroadcast transmitter at Rawdon. The rebroadcaster never went on the air.


CFNJ-FM 99.1 began broadcasting on October 7.


On December 30, CFNJ-FM had its licence renewed but the CRTC refused to approve a new rebroadcaster for Joliette on 103.5 MHz with effective radiated power of 1,400 watts. The station was originally licensed to operate a rebroadcaster at Rawdon, but was told to find another frequency. It wanted to use 103.5 MHz there, but it was the last channel reserved for Joliette. CFNJ then sought to resolve the problem by locating the rebroadcaster at Joliette, the principal market in the area. CJLM-AM opposed the move. The CRTC suggested CFNJ increase power on its main 99.1 MHz frequency – to provide a regional service. With the renewal, the station was allowed to carry an average of four minutes per hour of advertising.


On November 18, CFNJ was given approval to increase effective radiated power from 396 to 3,000 watts. The increase would improve service to the Lanaudière-Nord region, including the communities of Rawdon, Joliette, Berthierville, d’Autray and Matawinie.


Radio Nord-Joli inc. was given approval to increase the effective radiated power for CFNJ-FM from 3,000 to 9,750 watts. Approval was given November 18.


On November 4, CFNJ-FM was given permission to operate a transmitter in Saint-Zénon. It would broadcast on a frequency of 88.9 MHz with an average effective radiated power of 1,580 watts (3,160 watts maximum). Antenna height would be 16.9 metres.


On August 26 the CRTC renewed the licence for CFNJ-FM and its transmitter CFNJ-FM-1 Saint-Zenon. The licence was renewed until August 31, 2012. The Commission noted that CFNJ-FM-1 was not yet on the air. Conditions: In each broadcast week, the licensee shall, as an exception to the percentage of French-language musical selections set out in the Radio Regulations, 1986, devote 70% of its vocal musical selections from content category 2 to musical selections in the French language and schedule those selections in a reasonable manner throughout each broadcast day. The licensee shall devote, during each broadcast week, a minimum of 5% of its musical selections to category 3 (Traditional and special Interest) musical selections.


On August 8, the CRTC administratively renewed the licence for CFNJ-FM Saint-Gabriel-de-Brandon, and its transmitter CFNJ-FM-1 Saint-Zénon, until August 31, 2013.

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