CFMB-AM, CFMB AM 1280 Multilingual, Montréal

Evanov Communications

CFMB-AM2015128050,000Dufferin Communications Inc. (Evanov)
CFMB-AM1997128050,000CFMB Radio Ltd.
CFMB-AM1962141010,000Chateau Broadcasting Co. Ltd. (Stanczykowski)


For the third time, the Board of Broadcast Governors deferred an application by C. Stanczykowski for 1410 kHz with power of 10,000 watts – for a multi-language radio station. The board wanted to further study foreign language programming in Canada. Stanczykowski first applied in May of 1959.


Casimir G. Stanczykowski
Casimir Stancykowski

Chateau Broadcasting Co. Ltd. (C. Sodo, C. G. Stanczykowski and C. Nolin) launched CFMB December 21. The station broadcast on a frequency of 1410 kHz and had a full-time power of 10,000 watts. Studios and offices were located at 2015 Drummond Street and the transmitter site with four towers was on the 2nd and 3rd concessions of La Madeleine Parish. CFMB was “Canada’s First Multilingual Broadcaster”. CFMB – The station with the continental air – did not air commercials between 5:00 and 10:00 a.m., even though it was a commercial station. CFMB aired newscasts at five minutes before the hour and half hour – mostly in English, with some French – covering national and international news. Local news was integrated into the ethnic programming in the language of the show. CFMB was on the air 20 hours a day through the week, longer on weekends. Bob Holiday was morning man. For the record, the 1410 frequency was previouslly used by CHLP which went silent in 1957.
Before starting CFMB, Stancykowski did some ethic programming on CHLP and CJMS in Montreal, and on CHRS St. Jean. For the record, the 1410 frequency was previouslly used by CHLP which went silent in 1957.

Financed mainly be new Canadians, CFMB was for new Canadians – some 400,000 Montrealers. Casimir G. Stanczykowski was president and general manager. He was a pioneer in ethnic broadcasting, writing, producing and announcing his own shows on several Montreal stations (CHLP and CJMS in Montreal, and on CHRS St. Jean) over the years. 


Ralph Lucas started his radio career at CFMB. 


In addition to ethnic programming, CFMB also played music and was known as “The Good Music Station”.

CFMB was an independent and had no network affiliation. Casimir G. Stanczykowski was president, manager, commercial manager and program director. Al Pascal was production manager. Bob Dowling was morning man. Stew McIssac was news director and Bob Boulanger was sports director.


CHUM Ltd. had its application to purchase CFMB from Chateau Broadcasting Ltd. denied on December 24.


CFMB moved to new “state-of-the-art’’ studios and offices at 35 York Street in Westmount.


Casimir G. Stanczykowski died in a traffic accident on July 12. Founder of CFMB, he was a pioneer in Canadian ethnic broadcasting and had recently become president of the Canadian Association of Ethnic Radio broadcasters. He was 53.


On February 21, CFMB was authorized to move from 1410 kHz to 1280 kHz and to increase power from 10,000 watts to 50,000 watts. The multicultural station expected that the new 1280 transmitter site would be completed in June. A competing 1280 kHz application by T.A.M.M. Communications for a French-language station to serve the south shore from St. Constant was denied.

CFMB began testing on the new 1280 frequency in the spring and moved there permanently in September. CFMB used the old CJMS 1280 frequency and transmitter site. CJMS 1280 left the air in 1994. The six towers were in St. Mathieu, south of St. Constant, about 15 km southwest of the old 1410 facility.


On August 1 the CRTC renewed CFMB’s licence until August 31, 2014. Conditions: The licensee shall provide programming directed to a minimum of 19 cultural groups in a minimum of 18 different languages. The licensee shall make a basic annual contribution to Canadian content development. The licensee shall allocate 60% of this basic annual CCD contribution to FACTOR, MUSICACTION or other eligible initiatives that support the creation of ethnic programs. The remainder of this basic annual contribution to CCD shall be allocated to parties and initiatives fulfilling the definition of eligible initiatives.


Long-time Montreal broadcaster Ted Tevan passed away. He was 78. Tevan worked for a time at CFMB.


In November, after 52 years of ownership the Stanczykowski family reached a deal to sell CFMB to Dufferin Communications (Evanov). Casimir G. Stanczykowski launched CFMB on December 21, 1962, and it was Canada’s first multilingual radio station. Stanczykowsi died in 1981 but his family carried on with the operation of CFMB Radio.


On February 16, the CRTC administratively approved the change in effective control of CFMB Limited through the transfer to Dufferin Communications Inc. of all of the issued and outstanding shares held by C.G. Stanczykowski & Associates Ltd. (85.39% voting interest) and Andrzej Mielewczyk (14.61% voting interest).

The Evanov Radio Group closed on the purchase of CFMB April 1.

Marcello Silveri retired after over 50 years in sales at CFMB.


On August 12, the CRTC approved the application by Evanov Radio Group Inc. for authority to acquire, as a part of a corporate reorganization of Evanov Communications Inc., the assets of CHRF Montréal and CHSV-FM Hudson/Saint-Lazare from Dufferin Communication Inc., as well as the assets of CFMB Montréal from CFMB Limited.

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