CFCX-SW, Montréal

CFCX19636005500Canadian Marconi Co.
CFCX193660054,000Canadian Marconi Co.
VE9DR193060054,000Canadian Marconi Co.


VE9DR began broadcasting on December 25, relaying the programs of CFCF-AM, using a frequency of 6005 kHz and power of 4,000 watts. A Marconi transmitter was used from a site located at Drummondville. CFCF was Canada’s first radio station and was owned by Canadian Marconi Co.


The VE9DR transmitter was moved from Drummondville to Montreal.


VE9DR became CFCX.


The CFCX transmitter was moved to Kahnawake and power was reduced to 500 watts. CFCF-AM had operated from this location since 1956.


CFCF-AM became CIQC. CFCX continued to simulcast CIQC.


At some point, CFCX stopped simulcasting CIQC and began carrying a feed from CKOI-FM.


The CFCX transmitter was old and there was no interest in repairing or replacing it, so CFCX was taken out of service. This likely happened when preparations were being made to set up the CINW 940 and CINF 690 towers at the Kahnawake transmitter site (CINW 940 replaced CIQC 600).

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