CKTS-AM, Sherbrooke

Corus Enterainment Inc. (closed down)

CKTS-AM20069001,000Corus Enterainment Inc. (closed down)
CKTS-AM20059001,000Corus Entertainment Inc
CKTS-AM20029001,000Astral Media Inc.
CKTS-AM20019001,000Télémédia Radio (Québec) Inc.
CKTS-AM19999001,000Telemedia Radio Inc.
CKTS-AM19599001,000The Telegram Printing & Publishing Co.
CKTS-AM19461240250The Telegram Printing & Publishing Co.


It was announced that Sherbrooke would get a second radio station. CKTS would operate on 1240 kHz and was expected to start operations in late January of 1946. The station would be owned and operated by the Sherbrooke Telegram and Printing Co.


CKTS, designed to serve the English population of the Eastern Townships, began test transmissions in May. It was now hoping to begin commercial operations on June 1. CKTS commenced test transmissions on June 1 and the Telegram Printing & Publishing Co. officially opened the station on July 1. It operated on a frequency of 1240 kHz with a power of 250 watts. Studios were co-located with CHLT at 3 Marquette Street. The transmitter was also co-located with CHLT, on King Street East. CKTS was designed to serve the English population of the Eastern Townships. The “TS” in the call sign: Telegram-Sherbrooke. Some of the owners of CHLT were also involved in the ownership of CHLT.


A. Gautier was manager of CKTS and CHLT.


CHLT/CKTS ad: The Voice of The Eastern Townships. (CHLT French 900 kHz 1,000 watts and CKTS English 1240 kHz 250 watts).


The CBC Board approved the transfer of 20 shares in Telegram Printing & Publishing Co. Ltd.


CKTS was a CBC Dominion affiliate and served the Eastern Townships.


CKTS was listed as a CBC Trans-Canada affiliate and owned by Telegram Printing & Publishing Co. Ltd. (Sen. C. B. Howard 60.9%, Alphee Gauthier 2.5%, Jean-Louis Gauthier 12.2%, Colin C. Campbell 12.2% and John Jacob Dunn 12.2%).


CKTS moved to 900 kHz and increased power to 1,000 watts.


The Trans-Canada and Dominion networks were consolidated into a single service. CKTS remained a CBC affiliate after the merger.


Gordon H. Beerworth was president of Telegram Printing & Publishing Co. Ltd. and manager, news and farm director of CKTS. Kenneth Fowler was assistant manager, program and production manager. Gordon Breen was chief announcer and sports director. Charlie Hunter was morning man.


The Telegram sold CKTS to Telemedia.


CHLT-AM-FM-TV/CKTS opened new studios and offices on October 23 putting all four stations under one roof. Known as the RTS Broadcast Centre, located on Bourque Blvd. Bob Butler is promo manager. Three TV studios (80×50, 50×50 and 42×21 feet). Still to be officially opened at a later date. Stations had been in cramped quarters downtown.


Philippe De Gaspe Beaubien, director of operations, Expo 67, was named president of Quebec Telemedia Inc., succeeding Claude Frenette, general counsel of Power Corp., the largest shareholder in QTI, which administers CHLT-AM-FM-TV and CKTS. The French stations operate under the name Radio-Television Sherbrooke (1967) Inc. with Jean-Louis Gauthier as president. CKTS is operated by subsidiary company, Telegram Printing & Publishing Co. Ltd. with Lt.-Col. John J. Dunn, president. Galen Driver was farm show host.   Ad: Now 10,000 watts – English Radio continues to progress in the Eastern Townships of Quebec!


Power Corp. sold a controlling interest in CKTS (Telegram Printing & Publishing Co. Ltd.) and a number of other stations to Philipe de Gaspe Beaubien’s Telemedia (Quebec) Inc. (owned by Telemedia Communications Ltee, in turn owned by Beaudem Ltee). Power would retain through ownership debentures, a large financial interest in the new company for a period of time. Philipe de Gaspe Beaubien would control more than 80% of the votes of the company.


On December 31, Telegram Printing and Publishing Co. Ltd. was given approval to change its name to CKTS Radio Sherbrooke Ltee.


On May 16, CKTS Radio Sherbrooke Ltee was granted authority to transfer ownership from Beaudem Ltee to Telemedia Communications Ltee (a subsidiary of Beaudem). Telmed Ltee, CKCV (Quebec) Ltee, CKAC Ltee, CHLT Radio Sherbrooke Ltee, Metro-Media Communications (1977) Ltee and Telemedia Communications Ltee all amalgamated under the name of Telemedia Communications Ltee.,a wholly owned subsidiary of Beaudem Ltee. Telemedia would then become the direct licensee of the six AM and three FM stations it already controls in Quebec.


An application by CKTS to modify its 10,000 watt pattern on 900 kHz was denied by the CRTC as technically incompatible with the new station at St-Jerome.


Paul Desruisseaux passed away at age 76. He was a lawyer, senator, and former owner of La Tribune, CHLT-AM-TV and CKTS-AM.


Quebec’s only English-language commercial radio station off the island of Montreal signed off after 45 years of broadcasting. CKTS ceased to exist in mid-October. Following an agreement between owner Telemedia and Standard Broadcasting, the 900 kHz frequency in Sherbrooke was now simulcasting Standard’s CJAD 800 from Montreal. Telemedia reportedly lost $2.9 million on CKTS since 1969 – $250,000 in the last year.


Telemedia made arrangements with Standard Radio Inc. to rebroadcast the programming of Standard’s CJAD Montreal over CKTS. The station would continue to produce a limited amount of local programming.


The corporate name changed from Telemedia Communications Inc. to Telemedia Radio Inc.


The corporate name changed from Telemedia Radio Inc. to Télémédia Radio (Québec) inc.


Astral Media Inc. acquired Telemedia’s stations in Quebec and Atlantic Canada.


On January 21, the CRTC approved an exchange of assets between Corus Entertainment Inc. and Astral Media Radio Inc. Corus acquired from Astral: CKAC Montréal, CHRC Québec, CJRC Gatineau, CKRS Saguenay, CHLN Trois-Rivières, CHLT and CKTS Sherbrooke, and CFOM-FM Lévis. Astral  acquired from Corus: CFVM-FM Amqui, CJDM-FM Drummondville, CJOI-FM and CIKI-FM Rimouski, and CFZZ-FM Saint-Jean-Iberville.


On November 19, Corus Radio pulled the plug on CKTS 900. The station had been rebroadcasting Standard Radio’s CJAD 800 in Montreal since 1992. Corus stated that CKTS needed major antenna work and Standard was not willing to cover the costs. CKTS was the last English language AM station in Quebec outside of Montreal.

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