CKRV-AM, Drummondville

Radio des Plaines Ltee

CKRV-AM (went dark)19841400250/100La Radio Des Plaines Ltee
CKRV-AM19741400250/100La Radio Des Plaines Ltee


Raynald Belanger, representing a company to be incorporated, received CRTC approval to operate a French language AM station at Drummondville on July 15.

In December, CKRV signed on the air from studios at 2070 St. Georges. The station broadcast at 1400 kHz with a power of 250 watts day and 100 watts at night. CKRV was owned by La Radio Des Plaines Ltee.


On January 29, the CRTC renewed CKRV’s licence for six months and noted the “efforts…to reorganize the financing of Radio des Plaines Ltee to meet the requirements of its licence for radio station CKRV”. The decision also stated: “The Commission considers it is possible and desirable that the citizens of Drummondville have a second AM radio station which provides them with adequate programming of essentially local character”.


CKRV’s licence was renewed for three years on March 30. At the same time, the CRTC authorized a financial reorganization of Radio des Plaines. The Commission noted in particular that it “expects the programming broadcast by CKRV to reflect the promise of performance submitted at the time of renewal and expects that, consistent with the licensee’s commitment, this will provide the community with a real opportunity to express itself on the air”.


The transfer of all the issued shares of Radio des Plaines Ltee from the existing shareholders to Philias Germain, Maurice Bourget and Guy Leblanc was approved by the CRTC. The Commission required the new licensee to submit for approval, within six months, a new Promise of Performance that would take into account the spirit, letter and the requirements set out in previous decisions concerning Radio des Plaines. The Commission felt the POP submitted by the new owners closely approached the musical content already broadcast by CHRD-AM.


CKRV left the air.

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