CBM-FM-10, Radio One, Sherbrooke

Canadian Broadcasting Corp.

In 1999, CBF Montreal opened a rebroadcast transmitter at Sherbrooke.

CBM-FM 102000101.135,000Radio-Canada


In 1999, CBF Montreal opened a rebroadcast transmitter at Sherbrooke.


On March 29, the CBC received approval to convert CBF-FM-10 Sherbrooke to a French-language FM radio programming undertaking broadcasting regional programming. Until now, the transmitter had rebroadcast the programming of CBF-FM Montréal in its entirety. The CBC also proposed to retransmit the programming of the new Sherbrooke station over CBF-FM-11 Asbestos, CBF-FM-6 Lac Mégantic and CBF-FM-12 Victoriaville. These transmitters had also rebroadcast CBF-FM Montréal up to this point. The Sherbrooke station would continue to broadcast over a frequency of 101.1 MHz and have an effective radiated power of 35,000 watts. The Sherbrooke station would broadcast a minimum of 6 hours 15 minutes a week of regional programming. Regional programming would focus on daily regional news, including economic, political, social and cultural issues. For the remainder of the broadcast day, the new station would retransmit the programming of CBF-FM Montréal. (see CBF-FM Montreal for history prior to 2000) 


On July 2, approval was granted for the addition of a transmitter for CBF-FM-10 Sherbrooke, at Magog, operating on 106.9 MHz with an effective radiated power of 1,010 watts. It would fill up a coverage deficiency of the service for several municipalities west of Mont Orford. The 106.9 MHz frequency was used by CBMZ-FM (rebroadcaster of CBVE-FM Québec). On this same date, CBMZ was authorized to move from 106.9 MHz to 93.9 MHz.


On July 20, CBF-FM-10 Sherbrooke was authorized to change the frequency of its transmitter CBF-FM-2 Magog from 106.9 MHz to 93.1 MHz, and decrease the average effective radiated power from 1,010 watts to 420 watts, increase the antenna height and relocate the transmitter.


On May 12 the CRTC renewed CBF-FM-10’s licence. The renewal included the following rebroadcast transmitters: CBF-FM-2 Magog, CBF-FM-6 Lac-Megantic, CBF-FM-11 Asbestos / Danville, and CBF-FM-12 Victoriaville.


On August 9, the CRTC administratively renewed the licence of CBF-FM-10 (and its transmitters) to August 31, 2011.


On August 25, the CRTC administratively renewed the licence for CBF-FM-10 and its transmitters to March 1, 2013.


On February 22, the CRTC administratively renewed the licences for CBF-FM-10 Sherbrooke and its transmitters to August 31, 2013.

On May 28, the CRTC renewed the licence of CBF-FM-10 Sherbrooke and its transmitters CBF-FM-2 Magog, CBF-FM-6 Lac-Mégantic, CBF-FM-11 Asbestos/Danville, and CBF-FM-12 Victoriaville, for a five year term, to August 31, 2018.


On December 15, the CRTC approved the CBC’s application to change the authorized contours of CBF-FM-10 by decreasing the average effective radiated power from 35,000 to 31,400 watts (non-directional antenna), increasing the effective height of antenna above average terrain from 173 to 180.4 metres and making a correction to the geographic coordinates of the antenna site. 

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