CHAL-AM, La Pocatiere

Radio la Pocatiere Ltee. (Left the air)

CHAL-AM199213501,000Radio la Pocatiere Ltee. (Left the air)
CHAL-AM197313501,000Radio la Pocatiere Ltee.


On June 14, Radio La Pocatiere Ltee received approval to operate a new AM station at St-Pamphile, operating on 1350 kHz with a power of 1,000 watts (directional).


CHAL 1340 signed on the air. It was a part-time rebroadcaster of sister station CHGB in La Pocatiere.


On August 15, Radio La Pocatiere Ltee was given approval to delete approximately 16 hours a week of local programming on CHAL and substitute it with programs from CHGB. As a result, CHAL would become a full-time rebroadcaster of CHGB. Approximately 15 hours of programming a week on CHGB (and as a result of this decision, on CHAL) originated with CJFP Riviere-du-Loup.


CHGB and CHAL became full-time rebroadcasters of co-owned CJFP Rivière-du-Loup.


The corporate name changed to CIBM-FM Mont-Bleu Ltée.


CHGB was given approval to move to the FM band. The station would broadcast some programs originating in the La Pocatière and Cap-à-l’Aigle studios and some received from CIBM-FM Rivière-du-Loup and CITE-FM Montreal, and operate on 97.5 MHz at an effective radiated power of 25,160 watts. The transmitter site would be located at Saint-Onésime. The new FM station would also disaffiliate from the Radio-Canada network.


On April 23, CHOX-FM 97.5 replaced CHGB and CHAL. The AM transmitters left the air on June 19 when their licences were revoked by the CRTC.

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Written by Bill Dulmage – December, 2006

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