CFVM-FM, Rouge 99,9, Amqui

CFVM-FM201399.923,800Bell Media
CFVM-FM200299.923,800Corus Entertainment Inc.
CFVM-AM1989122010,000/5,000Diffusion Power Inc.
CFVM-AM198014501,000La Radio de la Matapedia Ltee./


On September 12, Jean-Hugues Guenette was denied a licence for a new AM station, operating on 1220 kHz with a power of 5,000 watts. Half of the station’s programming would have been rebroadcast from CHRM in Matane. The CRTC said the area could not support an independent station and suggested that a low power rebroadcaster, with a local studio, would best meet the needs of the community.


On September 12, Jean-Hugues Guenette (on behalf of a company to be incorporated) received approval for a new AM station on 1220 kHz with full-time power of 5,000 watts. Most of the station’s programming would originate with CFLP Rimouski. The station would also be affiliated with the Telemedia network. The applicant expected to have the station on the air in September of 1980. At that time, about five hours of local programming would be offered each day. A competing application by Les Communications Matane Inc. was denied.


CFVM 1220 signed on the air on March 31. 

CFVM received authority to affiliate with the Telemedia network.  


CFVM was acquired by La Radio de la Matpedia Ltee.


CFVM was authorized to increase daytime power from 5,000 watts to 10,000 watts.


On March 6, the CRTC renewed the broadcasting licence for CFVM to September 30, 1986. This term would enable the Commission to consider the renewal of this licence at the same time as that of other radio stations in the area.


On September 11, Radio de la Matapédia Ltée (Donald Breau, Gilbert Fiset, Adalbert Lévesque, François Didier and Claude Jacques – 20% each) sold CFVM to Compagnie de Radiodiffusion Rimouski Ltéé, which was a division of Power Broadcasting, owned by  Paul Desmarais’ Power Corporation.

Under a new Promise of Performance, CFVM would reduce the amount of local programming broadcast each week from 115 hours, 27 minutes to 52 hours and 30 minutes. CFVM would continue to receive some programming from CFLP Rimouski.


On March 5, CFVM was given approval to add a transmitter at Causapscal, operating on 1450 kHz with a power of 1,000 watts. 


On March 24, Corus Entertainment was given approval to purchase Power Broadcasting Inc. from Power Corporation. 


CFVM was given approval to convert to the FM band, operating on 99.9 MHz with an effective radiated power of 23,800 watts.  The new station would broadcast at least 40% locally produced programming, with the other 60% originating with a network.


On January 21, the CRTC approved an exchange of assets between Corus Entertainment Inc. and Astral Media Radio Inc. Corus acquired from Astral: CKAC Montréal, CHRC Québec, CJRC Gatineau, CKRS Saguenay, CHLN Trois-Rivières, CHLT and CKTS Sherbrooke, and CFOM-FM Lévis. Astral  acquired from Corus: CFVM-FM Amqui, CJDM-FM Drummondville, CJOI-FM and CIKI-FM Rimouski, and CFZZ-FM Saint-Jean-Iberville.

On February 24, the CRTC approved the application by 591991 B.C. Ltd. for the 
revocation of the licence for CFVM-AM following its conversion to the FM band.


In February CFVM 99.9 changed format from Oldies (Boom FM) to Adult Contemporary (Rock Detente).


On May 31, the CRTC renewed the broadcasting licence for the French-language commercial radio station CFVM-FM Amqui, from 1 June 2010 to 31 August 2016. The Commission also approves a request to amend the undertaking’s licence by removing one of its conditions. Astral proposed to amend CFVM-FM’s licence by removing its condition of licence regarding the provision of annual reports on the diversity of musical selections. The Commission imposed that condition in Broadcasting Decision 2002-90, in which it approved applications from Astral seeking authorization to acquire effective control of 3903206 Canada Inc., of Telemedia Radio Atlantic Inc. and of 50% of Radiomedia Inc. by acquiring all shares held directly or indirectly by Telemedia Radio Inc. in those corporations.


In August, Astral Media rebranded its “Rock Detente” stations as “Rouge FM,” with little change in the Adult Contemporary sound.


On June 27, 2013, after a previous such application had been denied in 2012, the CRTC approved an application by Astral Media Inc. to sell its pay and specialty television channels, conventional television stations and radio stations to BCE Inc., including CFVM-FM.


CFVM changed format in June from Adult Contemporary to CHR but retained the Rouge 99.9 branding.

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