CJLA-FM, WOW 104.9, Lachute

Cogeco Inc.

CJLA-FM2018104.93,000Cogeco Media Inc.
CJLA-FM2007104.93,000RNC Media
CJLA-FM1990104.93,000Radio Nord Inc.
CJLA-FM1988104.93,000Radio Fusion Inc. / Jean-Pierre Major and Daniel Major (50% each).
CJLA-AM1985639500/1,000Guy Vaillancourt’s Radio Lachute (1980) Inc. / Radio Lachute (Mirabel) Inc.
CJLA-AM1974630500/1,000Guy Vaillancourt’s Radio Lachute (1980) Inc.


On March 14, Robert De La Durantaye representing a company to be incorporated was awarded a licence for a new AM station at Lachute. The station would broadcast on 630 kHz with power of 500 watts day /1,000 watts night (directional). Dr. Zoel Saindon, Mayor of Lachute had a substantial ownership interest in the company.


CJLA 630 signed on the air December 1, with 500 watts day and 1,000 watts night.


On June 27, the transfer of shares of Radio Lachute Inc. from Pierred Arsenault, Gilles Garneau, Hubert Pilon and Consultex Inc. to Robert De La Durantaye was approved.


On July 17, Radio Inter-Cite was authorized to sell Radio Lachute Inc. to Yves Lorrain, Jean Maranda and Francois de B. Gravel.


Guy Vaillancourt’s Radio Lachute (1980) inc. purchased CJLA.


Guy Vaillancourt purchased CFIX-AM Cornwall, ON and CHPR-FM Hawkesbury, ON. Both stations began simulcasting some programming from CJLA. The Cornwall station  went dark at the end of the year.


CJLA was given approval to move to the FM band, operating on 104.9 MHz with an effective radiated power of 3,000 watts. Its affiliate, CHPR Hawkesbury, ON, now a daytime-only station on 1110 kHz, would also move to FM. CHPR would continue to air some programming from CJLA, but the new Lachute FM station would now also air some programming originating with CHPR – 32 hours a week. Both stations would have new studios. Guy Vaillancourt had given up on his plans to operate in Cornwall. He had been authorized to revive the old CFIX-AM.

CJLA’s move from AM to FM took place later in the year.


On August 3, Radio Fusion Inc. was given approval to purchase CJLA Lachute and CHPR-1-FM Hawkesbury from Radio Lachute (Mirabel) Inc. and Radio Cornwall-Hawkesbury Inc. respectively. Radio Fusion Inc. was owned by Jean-Pierre Major and Daniel Major (50% each). The two principals of RFI had been operating both stations as employees since September 1, 1987 by virtue of clauses contained in the sales agreement that was entered into with the vendors on August 12, 1987. Radio Lachute (Mirabel) Inc. and Radio Cornwall-Hawkesbury Inc. were owned by Guy Vaillancourt.


On August 21, the CRTC approved the sale of Radio Fusion Inc. (CJLA-FM Lachute and CHPR-FM-1 Hawkesbury) from Jean-Pierre and Daniel Major to Radio Nord Inc.


The corporate name changed from Radio Fusion inc. to Radio Nord inc.


Radio Nord became known as RNC Media.


CJLA changed from Lov Radio to Planete Lov (also CHPR 102.1 Hawkesbury).


In March, CJLA dropped its AC format (Planete 104.9/102.1) for Classic Hits (POP 104.9/102.1).


On October 11, the CRTC approved the application by Cogeco inc. on behalf of its subsidiary Cogeco Media Inc. for authority to acquire CJLA-FM and several other stations from RNC Media Inc.


In January, CJLA changed branding from POP 104.9 to WOW 104.9 and the format changed from Classic Hits to a mostly Hot Adult Contemporary sound.

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