CHUN-FM, Aboriginal, Rouyn-Noranda

Radio communautaire MF Lac Simon inc.

CHUN-FMn/a98.3490Radio communautaire MF Lac Simon inc.


On March 19, the CRTC approved the application by Radio communautaire MF Lac Simon inc. to operate a French-, Anishnabe- and Algonquin-language Native Type B FM radio station in Rouyn-Noranda. The applicant proposed to operate the station at 98.3 MHz (channel 252A) with an effective radiated power of 490 watts. The Commission noted that the applicant was a not-for-profit organization whose structure provided for membership, management, operation and programming by members of the community at large. The applicant indicated that, in each broadcast week, the new station would broadcast 126 hours of programming. It proposed to devote at least 50% of each broadcast week to programming in Aboriginal languages. The proposed station would broadcast a maximum of 51 hours, in any broadcast week, of programming that was not produced by the station. The originating station would be Native radio station CHUT-FM Lac Simon. The new station would offer a format consisting of country music and musical selections from Aboriginal artists. The applicant planned to expose and promote, and to preserve the use of, the native language of the Anishnabe First Nation. Educational programming (in French, Anishnabe and Algonquin) would also be developed for Anishnabe/Algonquin residents of the Regional County Municipality of Rouyn-Noranda. The licence wouldl expire 31 August 2010.


CHUN-FM signed on the air.


On November 9, the CRTC renewed the licence for the French, Anishnabe and Algonquin-language Native Type B radio station CHUN-FM Rouyn-Noranda to August 31, 2014. This short-term renewal would enable the Commission to review, at an earlier date, the licensee’s compliance with the Radio Regulations, 1986.

On December 21, the CRTC approved an application by Radio Communautaire MF Lac Simon inc. relating to CHUN-FM, by increasing the effective radiated power from 490 to 3,400 watts (non-directional antenna with an effective height of antenna above average terrain decreased from 108.7 to 103.3 meters). All other technical parameters would remain unchanged. According to the licensee, this change was needed to resolve an important issue relating to the reception of the station’s signal within its 3 mV/m contour. The licensee indicated that many listeners complained that they were unable to receive CHUN-FM’s signal in their home.

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