CHLX-FM, Wow FM, Gatineau

CHLX-FM200797.112,600RNC Media
CHLX-FM200297.112,600Radio Nord Communications Inc


On October 4, Radio Nord Communications Inc. was granted a licence for a French language classical music station. Radio Nord proposed to operate the station on 97.9 MHz but the regulator awarded that frequency to another applicant. Radio Nord was advised to seek an alternate frequency. For the record, Radio Nord operated French language television stations CHOT (TVA) and CFGS (TQS) in the Ottawa-Hull market.


Having frequency 97.9 ruled out in 2001, Radio Nord was granted the use of 97.1 MHz for its new station on August 28. Effective radiated power would be 12,600 watts and the station would transmit from Camp Fortune, Quebec.

CHLX officially signed on the air on September 23. Studios and offices were at 125 rue Jean-Proulx, Gatineau.


As of May 12, CHLX Couleur fm was broadcasting from new studios and offices at 171A, rue Jean-Proulx in Gatineau.


Radio Nord became known as RNC Media.


CHLX-FM changed from Classical/Jazz (Couleur FM) to Soft AC (Planete 97.1).


Cogeco and RNC Media reached an agreement to bring the Hot Adult Contemporary RYTHME FM to RNC’s CHLX, starting August 25. CHLX had been Soft AC Planète FM. 


On July 8, the CRTC approved the joint applications by Cogeco Diffusion inc. and RNC MEDIA Inc. to amend their respective licences to add a condition of licence authorizing them to operate their French-language commercial radio stations CKOF-FM and CHLX-FM Gatineau in accordance with a local sales agreement. The LSA would remain in effect until August 31, 2019 as both licences expire at different times. The Commission considered that this was a reasonable period and that it would be sufficient to evaluate the impact of the LSA on the stations’ financial results. The licensees would be required to obtain Commission approval if they wished to extend the validity of the condition of licence after that date.


In January, CHLX rebranded from Rythme FM to Wow FM. The format remained Hot AC.

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