CFTX-FM, Pop 96.5, Gatineau

CFTX-FM200796.51,750RNC Media
CFTX-FM200696.51,750Radio Nord Communications Inc.


On June 23, Radio Nord Communications inc. was granted a licence for a French-language FM station in Gatineau, with a transmitter in Gatineau (Buckingham sector). The station would offer a Pop/Rock and Urban musical format and target young adults between the ages of 18 and 34. The staton would operate on 96.5 MHz with  an effective radiated power of 1,750 watts. The rebroadcast transmitter in Gatineau (Buckingham sector) would use  107.5 MHz with an ERP of 250 watts. Radio Nord also operated CFGS-TV, CHOT-TV and CHLX-FM in Gatineau.


TAG-FM (CFTX-FM and CFTX-FM-1) signed on the air.


Radio Nord became known as RNC Media.


In March CFTX 96.5 (and CFTX-1 107.5 Buckingham) changed format from Contemporary Hits (Tag Radio) to Alternative Rock (Tag Radio X).


CFTX switched from Alternative Rock (“Tag Radio X”) to Classic rock (“Capitale Rock”).


On August 9, the CRTC administratively renewed the licence of CFTX-FM until March 31, 2012. 

On November 24, the CRTC renewed the licence for CFTX-FM for a short-term period, to August 31, 2016. The licensee also proposed to amend its licence by deleting the following condition of licence: The licensee shall, as an exception to the percentage of Canadian musical selections set out in section 2.2(8) of the Radio Regulations, 1986, in any broadcast week, devote a minimum of 45% of its musical selections from content category 2 to Canadian selections broadcast in their entirety. The licensee proposed instead to adhere to section 2.2(8) of the Radio Regulations, 1986 (the Regulations).


On February 15, CFTX began a partial simulcast of CKLX Montreal. CFTX was now airing sports programming from CKLX during the daytime hours.

On September 22, CFTX changed format to favourites of the ‘70s ‘80s and ‘90s. With the change, Capitale Rock rebranded to Pop 96.5.


In August, CFTX flipped from Contemporary Oldies to Top 40 while retaining the “Pop” name.

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