CFLO-FM, Mont-Laurier

Soneme Inc

CFLO-FM1995104.710,000Soneme Inc
CFLO-FM1995104.710,980Soneme Inc.
CKML-AM19666101,000Radio Cote-Nord Inc.


Radio CKML Inc. opened station CKML on May 19. It operated on a frequency of 610 kHz and had a full-time power of 1,000 watts. The “ML” in the call sign: Mont Laurier.


CKML was an affiliate of the CBC’s French-language network. Conrad Prenoeau was president of Radio CKML Inc. and Jean M. Legault was CKML’s manager.


CKML was purchased by Radio Mont Laurier Ltee.


On January 23, Radio CKML Inc. was given approval to transfer shares as follows: 27.2% from A. Michaudville to P.E. Lesage; 3.2% from l’Avante Garde Laurentienne Inc. to J.L.O. Picard; 0.8% from L. Cyr to A. Michaudville.


CKML was affiliated with the Telemedia network.


Radio Mont Laurier Ltee. acquired CKLR-AM L’Annonciation. CKLR became a rebroadcaster of CKML. CKLR had been on the air since 1975.


CKML and CKLR disaffiliated from the Radio-Canada network and joined the Telemedia network.


In October, CKML and CKLR left the air when the licensee went into bankruptcy.


CKML and CKLR were sold by Moquin, Girard, Giroux Inc., trustee of the assets of Radio Mont-Laurier Ltée to Alain Desjardins, on behalf of a company to be incorporated (would become Sonème Inc.)


CKLR returned to the air as CKLO.


CKLO was given approval to increase night-time power from 250 to 1,000 watts.


CKML became CFLO.


On February 16, the CRTC approved the application for a French-language FM station (Group I – Pop, Rock and Dance) consisting of an originating station at Mont-Laurier on the frequency 104.7 MHz (channel 284B) with an effective radiated power of 10,980 watts, and for a transmitter at L’Annonciation, on the frequency 101.9 MHz (channel 270A) with an effective radiated power of 1,150 watts. This application was filed by the licensee of CFLO-AM Mont-Laurier and its transmitter CKLO-AM L’Annonciation with a view to converting the station to FM. The licence would expire August 31, 1997. The applicant advised the Commission that the transmitter in L’Annonciation would only be implemented if required in order to improve the signal quality in the Vallée de la Rouge, should coverage by the Mont-Laurier transmitter prove to be inadequate. The Commission noted the applicant’s commitment not to solicit advertising in Maniwaki and Saint-Jovite. The applicant proposed to broadcast 70 hours of local programming per broadcast week.

CFLO 610 was replaced by CFLO-FM and CKLO 1490 was replaced by CFLO-FM-1.


The CRTC approved the transfer of the ownership and effective control of Sonème inc. from Guy Crépeau, Alain Desjardins and André Desjardins (each holding an indirect voting interest of 33.33%) to Dominic Bell, Stéphane Bell and Sylvain Lacasse (each holding an indirect voting interest of 33.33%). Sonème is licensee of CFLO-FM Mont-Laurier and its transmitter CFLO-FM-1 l’Annonciation, Quebec.

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