CHGS-AM, Summerside

R.T. Holman Ltd.

CHGS-AM1948145050R.T. Holman Ltd.
CHGS-AM1941148050R.T. Holman Ltd.
CHGS-AM19401450100R.T. Holman Ltd.
CHGS-AM1934145050R.T. Holman Ltd.
CHGS-AM1932112050R.T. Holman Ltd.
CHGS-AM19301120100R.T. Holman Ltd.
CHGS-AM1927112025R.T. Holman Ltd.


A commercial radio licence was granted for a new station at Summerside. The licence was held by the owners of a local department store…R.T. Holman Ltd. The call sign would be CHGS (Holman’s Guarantee Satisfaction).


CHGS signed on the air. It operated with 25 watts of power on a frequency of 1120 kHz.


Power increased from 25 watts to 100 watts


CHGS reduced power to 50 watts from 100 watts.


The frequency was changed from 1120 kHz to 1450 kHz. Power remained 50 watts.


Power increased to 100 watts from 50 watts.


Under the Havana Treaty CHGS moved from 1450 to 1480 kHz (Class IV) on March 29. Power was 50 watts.


R. Grant Mollison, 16, wondered if he was the youngest radio announcer in Canada. He joined CHGS in July, 1941, when he was 15. For two months this past summer, he was even chief announcer.


R.L. Mollinson was manager of CHGS.


The owner of CHGS had given notice that the licence for the station would be relinquished at the end of the present licensing year. A new AM licence for Summerside was issued to Charles H. Llewellyn. CHGS left the air and was replaced by CJRW on November 17.

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