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Florence Dolph Buchanan was a pioneer among women in Canadian broadcasting. In 1933 she assumed control of her father’s radio station, CKPC Preston (the PC for ‘Preston Canada’) and moved it to Brantford. Her husband, J.D. Buchanan was station manager. Seven years later, Mrs. Buchanan was managing the station herself, as head of Telephone City Broadcast Limited.

In 1947, when the Government of Canada began issuing FM licenses, CKPC was among the first to apply. Much had been written about frequency modulation since its invention eleven years earlier: Mrs. Buchanan was keen to be part of the new technology. Securing the license also prevented potential competitors from getting a foothold in the market.

Two years later, in May 1949, CKPC FM signed on with a monophonic signal at 94.7 MHz, 250 watts, from its studios at 49-51 Colborne Street, transmitting from a site on Cockshutt Road.

The popularity of frequency modulation was years away. Like most FM stations of the time, CKPC FM aired a straight simulcast of its AM sister.

On June 8th, 1955, the frequency shifted to 92.1 MHz.

In 1951, CKPC AM & FM moved to a large, renovated house at 525 Colborne Street (at Rawdon).


CKPC-FM applied to change its frequency from 94.7 MHz to 92.1 MHz. The change was approved.


On August 28th, 1961, CKPC began broadcasting from a new transmitter site at the studio location (525 Colborne St.) at 405 watts.


At the behest of the Broadcast Board of Governors, FM stations began introducing original programming. CKPC’s offering was a two hour block of classical music, usually at night.

The CBC merged the Dominion and Trans-Canada networks into a single service. CKPC AM and FM ended their affiliation after the consolidation.


CKPC-FM 92.1 was now operating with a power of 10,200 watts – in mono. It offered programming of its own (separate from CKPC-AM) on weekdays from 2:00 to 4:15 p.m., 9:00 to 11:00 a.m. on Saturdays and from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. on Sundays.

On November 1st, CKPC-AM-FM moved again, to their own, brand-new building, at 571 West Street.


CKPC-FM began broadcasting in stereo.


On 15 June 1972, one era ended, and another began. Florence Buchanan’s son Richard Buchanan purchased his mother’s share of the station. He became 100% owner of Telephone City Broadcast Limited.

In effect, CKPC FM was born in 1976, when it began broadcasting full-time, original programming at 50,000 watts, with its transmitter near St. George.

During its first years of independent programming, a variety of programming styles came and went as gradually, a station personality emerged.

In 1983 a typical day began with David Georgeff hosting Uptown Country from 5:30 til 9 a.m. John Mather reported on Agriculture, and station veteran Arnold Anderson (who began with CKPC AM in 1951) provided sports news. Anderson also provided play-by-play of the OHA’s Brantford Alexanders.

Through the turn of the century, CKPC FM resisted radio trends, focusing instead of a more community-minded blend of personality, music, news and information.


Stuart Bailey was appointed chief engineer for CKPC AM and FM. 


A typical day began with David Georgeff hosting Uptown Country from 5:30 till 9:00 a.m. John Mather reported on Agriculture, and station veteran Arnold Anderson (who began with CKPC-AM in 1951) provided sports news. Anderson also provided play-by-play of the OHA’s Brantford Alexanders.

Michael Mezo was named general sales manager for CKPC-AM and FM. 


On January 11, the CRTC renewed CKPC-FM’s licence until September 30, 1985.


James Tuckett became news director.


John York became operations manager at CKPC-AM-FM. He had been manager of CJTN Trenton, and succeeded Ron Smith who left to teach at North Bay’s Canadore College.


CKPC newscaster John Radley passed away. He was 41. 


James Tuckett left CKPC as news director to work for Mid-Canada in North Bay. Tuckett was replaced at CKPC by Bob King who had been with CHYM Kitchener. John York was FM-AM operations manager.


On November 17, CKPC-FM was given permission by the CRTC to increase antenna height to 230 metres from 117.5 metres.

Mike Roberts was an announcer at CKPC-FM.


On January 31, for administrative reasons, the CRTC renewed CKPC-FM’s licence to August 31, 1996. 

Kevin Kelly (AM Drive) joined from CIQB Barrie and left for CIMJ Guelph. He was at CKPC-FM for three months.


Craig Fox (PM Drive) joined from CKOT Tillsonburg.


Al Pooley was on the air from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Craig Fox (PM Drive) left for CJEZ Toronto.

Peter Jackman became general sales manager at CKPC-AM-FM. He succeeded Mike Smolders who left the station. 


Arnold Anderson, 70, considered by many as the voice of sports in Brantford, passed away. He joined CKPC in 1949 and stayed with the station until his retirement last year.


Brock Dodington became morning host at CKPC-FM.


On December 15, CKPC-FM received approval to increase effective radiated power from 50,000 watts to 80,000 watts.


Richard Dolph “Dick” Buchanan died at age 76 on July 29. Buchanan was president and owner of CKPC-AM and FM since 1972 when he bought the stations from his mother. 

In November the CRTC approved the change in effective control of Telephone City Broadcast Ltd. through a corporate reorganization consisting of the transfer of all of the issued shares from Richard Buchanan to the Estate of R.D. Buchanan, the trustees being R.J. Johnson and James A. Hitchon. 


The CRTC approved the change of effective control of Telephone City Broadcast Limited from the Estate of R.D. Buchanan to William Vasil Evanov, through the transfer of all issued and outstanding shares of Telephone City to Evanov Communications Inc. Telephone City was the licensee of CKPC-FM and CKPC-AM.

With Evanov’s takeover of CKPC-AM and FM, changes were underway. On air hosts Ken Carter, Brock Dodington, and Greg Moulton left the stations. Newscasters Mark Laden, Sean Allen and Daryl McInness were also no longer with the company. 

The new Retail Sales Manager at CKPC AM/FM was Simon Constam, formerly of The Wave Hamilton. He began November 2. Peter Jackman remained Vice President and Sales/General Manager of the stations.


CKPC-FM became known as FM 92 The Jewel – featuring the best Current Hits, Recent Favourites, and Timeless Classics. The morning show host was Ed McMahon, who had been in radio and broadcasting for over 35 years, and for 30 years straight, doing morning drive with the last 23 waking up Brantford on CKPC-AM. Middays were hosted by Melissa Forsyth. Marc Scott handled afternoon drive and evenings were hosted by Matt Ruiss. 

Wendy Rose, the Promotions Director at Astral Media Radio Hamilton’s CHAM & CKOC, left after 11 years. She joined Evanov’s FM92 The Jewel/AM 1380 Brantford as its Promotions Director.

On November 19, the CRTC renewed CKPC-FM’s licence to 31 August 2014. The short-term renewal would enable the Commission to review the licensee’s compliance with the Radio Regulations, 1986 and its conditions of licence at an earlier date. 


Jewel 92 had a new morning show (5:30 to 10:00 a.m.) featuring Ed & Melissa. General Manager Peter Jackman said, “Ed McMahon and Melissa Forsyth are both real radio pro’s full of passion with a love of life and community.” Both had held other positions at the station.

After more than 20 years in the broadcast industry, Kent Chambers landed in Brantford as the new afternoon personality at Jewel92. He joined a lineup that included ‘McMahon in the Morning’ and ‘Suzanne Joyce’ [ the queen of lunch time trivia]. 

Peter Jackman, the General Manager and an 18-year veteran of CKPC, resigned. His last day was November 4. Jackman said he would resume activities at his InFront Communications in Waterloo. 

Randy Redden was now General Sales Manager at CKPC. Up until about a year ago, he had been GSM at Astral Media Hamilton. Most recently, he was associated with Ens Media.


Tim Symons died at the age of 54 on March 26. The 26-year CKPC newscaster joined the station in 1984 after working in Vancouver and Ottawa.

Alan Duthie was promoted from Account Manager to Retail Sales Manager at CKPC-AM and FM.

Wendy Rose, Promotions Manager at CKPC/CKPC-FM moved on. Succeeding her as Promotions Coordinator was Amanda Black, from outside the broadcast business.


Doug Cameron signed off for the last time on July 7 at Jewel 92. He retired after a radio career that spanned over five decades.

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