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CKNX Broadcasting Ltd., owner of CKNX 920 and CKNX-TV Channel 8, opened CKNX-FM “FM 102” on April 17. The station broadcast on a frequency of 101.7 MHz and had an effective radiated power of 22,000 watts. Studios and offices were in the CKNX Radio & Television building at 215 Carling Terrace. In fact, room had to be made in the existing CKNX building for CKNX-FM. To create the space needed for new studios, offices and record library, FM took over some of CKNX-TV’s storage area. The antenna was on the CKNX-TV tower. A Collins Generation 4 type transmitter was used. CKNX Broadcasting Ltd. was owned by the Blackburn family’s London Free Press of London, Ontario. 


Jerry Chomyn became program director for CKNX-AM-FM. He had been a sales rep with CKNX-TV. Brian Nuttall joined CKNX-FM. 


Brian Nuttall left for CJFI-FM in Sarnia.


Ross Hamilton was promoted to vice president and general manager of CKNX-AM-FM-TV. Jack Gillespie was named station manager of CKNX-AM-FM.


CKNX installed a new Nautel 10,000 watt transmitter. It went in to operation at the end of June.


London Free Press Holdings Ltd. and its subsidiary CKNX Broadcasting Ltd., merged into The Blackburn Group, Inc.


On March 5, the CRTC approved the application to amend the licence for CKNX-FM by increasing the effective radiated power from 22,000 watts to 57,000 watts. The licensee indicated the proposed change would improve the signal quality within the authorized service area.

Martha Blackburn became the sole shareholder of the company when she purchased her sister’s shares. 

Derek Botten (morning host, program and music director) joined from CFPL London. Lisa Brandt (mid-days) joined from CKSL London. 

Ray Baynton was news director for CKNX-AM-FM and TV.


CKNX-FM was denied rebroadcast transmitters to serve Owen Sound (50 watts on 103.7 MHz) and Meaford (80 watts on 105.5 MHz). A new FM station was awarded to CFOS Owen Sound.

FM102 morning man Derek Botten took over as program director. Lisa Brandt became music director. Jerry Chomyn became host of the 9 a.m. to noon show while continuing on as program director at CKNX AM 920. Sylvia Derer, formerly with CHNR Simcoe, CJCS Stratford and CIAM Cambridge, joined CKNX-AM-FM as promotions co-ordinator.


C. Ross Hamilton retired September 1. He had been president of CKNX Broadcasting Ltd. He was replaced by Robert Elsden who is also president of co-owned CFPL-TV in London. A. N. (Al) Skelton, former manager of CKNX-TV, was appointed vice-president and general manager, responsible for the day-to-day operations of the company. 

Derek Botten (AM Drive, PD, and MD) left for CKKW Kitchener. 


CKNX-FM was given approval to add a rebroadcast transmitter at Centreville, operating on 104.9 MHz, with an average effective radiated power of 5 watts. CKNX Broadcasting Limited indicated that the signal of CKNX-FM was not adequately received in the Town of Meaford, a community within the station’s authorized service area. When the Centreville transmitter began operations, it was known as CKNX-FM-2.

Scott Clark was appointed morning personality. Kevin Bernard was named morning newscaster. Trisha Freriks was appointed AM-FM promotions co-ordinator. 


Lisa Brandt (mid-days) left for CKFM Toronto.


CKNX-FM was airing the syndicated overnight program, Coast-to-Coast.

Bill Brady was appointed vice president of radio for Blackburn Communications Systems.


In early May, Martha Blackburn, chair of the Blackburn Group Inc. announced the sale of CKNX-TV and CFPL-TV to Baton Broadcasting Inc.

Martha Blackburn-Hughes, 47, died suddenly on August 15. She was the daughter of the late Walter J. Blackburn and became head of the company following his death. Despite the death of Blackburn, the proposed sale of CFPL/CKNX to Baton was to proceed. The future of the London Free Press newspaper and CKNX / CFPL radio stations was up in the air.


The CRTC approved the sale of CKNX-TV and CFPL-TV to Baton Broadcasting, in January.

Doug Avery joined CKNX-FM as evening announcer. He had been in the business for 13 years and most of that time, he worked as co-host with Tom Rivers.


Following the sale of CKNX-TV to Baton Broadcasting Inc., and the sale of The London Free Press to The Toronto Sun, the corporate name changed to Blackburn Radio Inc. 


Announcers included Phil Main (mornings), Rich Griffin (mid-days) and Doug Avery (afternoons).


Gerry Belanger, director of engineering at CKNX, died at 58 after a lengthy illness. Belanger had been with CKNX radio and television for more than 35 years.


Jack Gillespie was CKNX-AM-FM general manager.


On July 14 the CRTC renewed CKNX-FM’s (and CKNX-FM-2 Centreville) licence until August 31, 2010. 


On October 4, CKNX-FM was given approval to decrease average effective radiated power from 69,800 to 65,766 watts and to increase antenna height from 216 to 226 metres. The change was needed in order to replace the antenna.


On March 22, a change in the control of Blackburn Radio Inc. through the transfer of all of the issued and outstanding shares of Blackburn Group Incorporated (the parent corporation) from the Estate of Martha G. Blackburn to 2061302 Ontario Limited, a corporation controlled by her son, Richard Costley-White was approved. 


CKNX-FM changed its name from FM 102 to The One.


On December 2, the CRTC denied an application by Blackburn Radio Inc. to change the frequency of CKNX-FM-2 Centreville/Meaford, from 104.9 MHz to 102.7 MHz and to increase average effective radiated power from 5 watts to 250 watts. Blackburn indicated that it wished to obtain a protected frequency for CKNX-FM-2 to provide a more stable method of delivery of the programming of CKNX-FM into Meaford and vicinity. The licensee submitted that, because Bayshore Broadcasting operated CHWC-FM Goderich on 104.9 MHz, which was available in Centreville/Meaford, Blackburn’s on-air identification and general promotion of its Centreville/Meaford rebroadcasting transmitter was problematic and confusing for its listening audience. Blackburn was also concerned about an application by Evanov Communications for the use of 104.9 MHz at Shelburne.


On June 16 the CRTC approved the application by Blackburn Radio Inc. to increase average effective radiated power for CKNX-FM from 65,800 watts to 100,000 watts. The directional antenna would be replaced with an omni-directional antenna. Effective height of the antenna above average terrain would be decreased from 217 metres to 215 metres. The changes would reduce the protected area that currently exists between Blackburn’s CKNX-FM and CIBU-FM and Durham Radio’s CIWV-FM (Hamilton/Burlington). Both companies agreed to eliminate the protected area to allow for maximum use of their respective channels. 

JC Coutts left THE ONE (CKNX-FM) for 103.9 MAX FM in Moncton. Gina Lorentz left her post as CKNX-FM program director to take over the same post at CKTB/CHRE-FM in St. Catharines. 


Assistant Program Director Dave Newman was promoted to PD at 101.7 The ONE.


JC Coutts resigned his duties as morning host at MAX FM (CFQM-FM) Moncton to return to his previous home, THE ONE  where he had been afternoon host. J.C., Julie & Steve now formed the three person morning team at The One. 

In July, J.C. Coutts was named program director of THE ONE. He continued with his morning show duties as well.

101.7 The ONE welcomed new midday announcer Brad Moore. Lisa Paivel was also added to the crew. She joined the station in July as weekend/swing announcer.

On October 5, the CRTC renewed the licences for Blackburn Radio Inc. stations CFGX-FM Sarnia, CHKS-FM Sarnia, CHOK Sarnia and its transmitter CHOK-FM-1 Sarnia, CKNX Wingham, CKNX-FM Wingham and its transmitter CKNX-FM-2 Centreville, CKUE-FM Chatham and its transmitter CKUE-FM-1 Windsor and CFCO Chatham and its transmitter CFCO-1-FM Chatham, from 1 December 2010 to 31 August 2014. This short-term renewal would enable the Commission to review, at an earlier date, the licensee’s compliance with the Radio Regulations, 1986 and with its conditions of licence.

J.C. Coutts left The One for CJCD Yellowknife. He had been morning show host.JC Coutts left 101.7 The ONE as Program Director/morning host to become the new PD and morning show host at Mix 100 Yellowknife.


After a little over 2 years of hosting the mid day show on 101.7 The One, Brad Moore moved into the afternoon drive time slot. He swapped spots with The ONE’s Program Director, Craig Picton, who now hosted mid days. Brad remained the Assistant PD and continued to run the music department.

Newscaster-reporter Steve Sabourin was appointed News Director while John Goodyear added Program Director duties to his announcer job.


Duane Duck was promoted from General Sales Manager to General Manager at 94.5 The Bull/101.7 The One/CKNX AM920. Jeff Irwin was the new GSM, promoted from retail sales supervisor, a position he’s held for the last six years.


Murray Brown died February 4 at age 96. He joined CFPL Radio in 1945 as a weekend announcer. Brown eventually became station manager and helped launch CFPL-TV in 1953, and became manager of that station as well. Between 1968 and 1984, he served as president of the Blackburn stations.


Blackburn Radio surrendered the licence for CKNX-FM-2 Centreville and the transmitter site land was sold off.

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