CJSP-FM, 92.7 MAX.FM, Leamington

Blackburn Radio Inc.

CJSP-FM200892.7960Blackburn Radio Inc.


On July 9, Blackburn Radio Inc., owner of CHYR-AM, received a licence to operate a new English-language FM station at Leamington. It would offer a Country music format targeting listeners aged 25 to 64. Blackburn’s request that the Commission exempt the new station from any regulatory requirement with respect to the level of hit material that may be broadcast (i.e. 49.9% in each broadcast week for English-language FM stations) was denied. Blackburn noted that CHYR-FM currently operates under such an exemption and that the current Leamington market still qualifies as a border market due to the substantial number of US signals that are available there and the high level of tuning to US radio stations by Leamington listeners. Blackburn also noted that Leamington still qualifies as a small market. The station would operate on a frequency of 92.7 MHz with an average effective radiated power of 960 watts.

CJSP-FM began on air testing in November.


CJSP-FM “Country 92.7” signed on the air on March 3. Studios and offices for CJSP-FM and CHYR-FM are at 100 Talbot Street East. The CJSP call letters were originally used by sister station CHYR when it first signed on the air in 1955. 


On January 4, CJSP-FM dropped its Country (“Country 92.7”) format to become Adult Hits “92.7 Max FM.” Blackburn Radio said that when it launched CJWF-FM Windsor with country, it found more overlap with CJSP than it had expected.

Tom Fraser left Mix967/927 Max-FM for BOB-FM in London. 


92.7 CJSP changed format from Variety Hits (Max FM) to Country (FM 95.9) (simulcasting CJWF 95.9 Windsor).


Rod Martens was no longer with Blackburn Radio. He had been manager of the company’s stations in Windsor and Leamington and was PD at CKUE Chatham/Windsor, FM 95.9 Windsor and Mix 96.7/Country 92.7 Leamington. 

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