CJGC-AM, London

CJGC-AM1922430m200The London Free Press Printing Co.
CJGC-AM – Merged with CKOK Windsor1933730k100The London Free Press Printing Co.


The London Free Press Printing Co. (Arthur Blackburn) opened CJGC on September 30, on 430 meters with 200 watts of power. Studios were in the Free Press building at 440 Richmond Street, and the transmitter was in the publisher’s office. Among those heard in the first broadcast was Sir Adam Beck (Ontario Hydro pioneer), who said radio was proving itself to be more than just a fad.


CJGC moved to 910 kHz and increased power to 500 watts.


CJGC’s power increased to 1,000 watts on 910 kHz.


Power was reduced to 500 watts.


CJGC started leasing time to Canadian National Railway’s CNRL (phantom station) on March 7.


CJGC increased power to 5,000 watts on 910 kHz.


On March 31, the CNR’s phantom station CNRL left the air.


In September, CJGC moved from 910 kHz with 5,000 watts to 730 kHz with 100 watts.

On November 6, CJGC London and CKOK Windsor merged to form CKLW. The “LW” in the calls are for London-Windsor. The station operated on 840 kHz with 5,000 watts. CJGC turned in its licence and left the air. Following the merger, CJGC manager Harry Link left for the London Advertiser.

See CFPL-AM London for more information

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