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Neeti P. Ray

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On May 9, the CRTC approved in part an application by Neeti P. Ray (OBCI) for a broadcasting licence to operate a new FM ethnic radio station to serve Windsor. Blackburn Radio Inc. was granted a licence for a new English-language station. Both applicants had applied for the use of 95.9 MHz (channel 240B1). That frequency was awarded to Blackburn. Ray was directed to within 90 days of the date of this decision, to submit an amendment to the application proposing the use of an FM frequency other than 95.9 MHz that was acceptable both to the Commission and the Department of Industry. If Ray had received approval for 95.9 MHz, the new station would have operated with an average effective radiated power of 2,900 watts. The proposed station would offer ethnic programming to a minimum of 21 ethnic groups in Windsor, in a minimum of 12 languages, and would also offer programming targeting an Aboriginal audience. In addition, the applicant indicated that at least 7% of musical selections broadcast during ethnic broadcast periods would be Canadian selections as specified in section 2.2(4) of the Radio Regulations, 1986, and that at least 10% of all Category 3 (Special Interest Music) musical selections would be Canadian musical selections played in their entirety. Neeti Ray indicated that at least 105 hours per broadcast week would be devoted to local programming, and that, by condition of licence, a minimum of 105 hours per broadcast week would be third-language programming, with the remainder being English-language programming. The applicant also indicated that, by condition of licence, at least 105 hours per broadcast week would consist of ethnic programming, and that six hours per broadcast week would be devoted to Aboriginal programming. In addition, the applicant indicated that, by condition of licence, 36 hours per broadcast week would be devoted to spoken word programming, of which, also by condition of licence, 11 hours and 30 minutes would consist of news. Ray proposed to broadcast, during each broadcast week, a maximum of 12 hours and 36 minutes of religious programming, and indicated that it would accept a condition of licence relating to balance and ethics in religious programming. 

Neeti P. Ray selected the CJNR-FM call letters for the new Windsor station.


On March 2, the CRTC approved the application by Neeti P. Ray (OBCI) to operate its new ethnic FM station in Windsor at 102.3 MHz (channel 272A) with an average effective radiated power of 1,900 watts (maximum ERP of 5,000 watts) and with an effective height of antenna above average terrain of 55.5 metres. 

It should be noted that Ray was granted two extnesions of time to submit the amendment for change of frequency (originally authorized in 2008). In 2008, the Commission approved an application by the CBC to amend the licence for CBE Windsor by adding a nested FM rebroadcasting transmitter in Windsor on 102.3 MHz. In 2009, the Commission approved the application by the CBC to convert CBE Windsor to the FM band. In light of this conversion, the nested transmitter was never implemented and the 102.3 MHz frequency became available in September 2011. Ray’s station would operate with an antenna aimed to the northwest to protect CHST London, WGRT Port Huron (MI) and WPOS Toldeo (OH), all operating on 102.3 MHz.

CINA-FM signed on the air September 6. The CJNR-FM call sign was not used. CINA-FM was chosen to reflect sister station CINA-AM in Toronto. 

In November, the CRTC approved a change to the ownership of 2345771 Ontario Inc. resulting from a corporate reorganization. This transaction did not affect the effective control of 2345771 and its undertaking, which continued to be exercised by Neeti P. Ray. 2345771 was licensee of the radio programming undertaking CINA-FM Windsor, Ontario.


Al Pervin was now operations and business development manager of CINA FM 102.3 Windsor. Pervin was General Manager of CHUM Windsor in the ‘90s, as well as GM at The Jewel Ottawa.

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