Canadian Broadcasting Corp.

CBO-AM1937690500Canadian Broadcasting Corp.
CHCH/CNRO-AM1933690500Canadian Radio Comission
CRCO-AM1924690500Canadian National Railway


On February 27, at 8:30 p.m., the Canadian National Railway opened CKCH on February 24 at 690 kHz with 500 watts. The broadcast opened with the playing of “O Canada” by the Chateau Laurier Orchestra. Studios were in the Jackson Building, 122 Bank Street and the 200 foot antenna was located on the roof.
On July 16, CKCH changed its name to CNRO to indicate it was the CNR’s station in Ottawa. 


CNRO moved to 840 kHz on January 10.

On February 14, CNRO moved back to 690 kHz.


In September, CNRO’s frequency was changed to 600 kHz.

CNRO moved its studios to the CNR-owned Château Laurier Hotel.


The Canadian Radio Broadcasting Commission purchased the CNR stations, including CNRO on March 1st.

Because of the new ownership, CNRO became CRCO on April 16.


The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation replaced the CRBC on November 2.


Because the station was now owned by the CBC, CRCO became CBO on October 3. 
                                   See CBO-FM 

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