CJRO-FM, Community, Carlsbad Springs

Carlsbad Springs Community Association

CJRO-FM2019107.914.8Carlsbad Springs Community Association


On May 7, Carlsbad Springs Community Association received CRTC approval to convert its existing exempt tourist information station (on-air since 2017) CJRO 107.7 to a Community station. The licence would expire August 31, 2025. The new station would operate with 14.8 watts with EHAAT of 23 metres. A rebroadcast transmitter at Vars was also approved, operating at 107.9 MHz with 1.3 watts. EHAAT would be 10 metres. CJRO (to be known as Carlsbad Vars Radio) would broadcast 60% English and 40% French programming, and the format would consist primarily of Pop, Rock, and Dance music. CJRO planned to broadcast 126 hours of programming each broadcast week, 103 hours of which would be devoted to local programming. The remaining 23 hours would be devoted to syndicated musical and spoken word programming, which, according to the applicant, would complement the local programming offered. CSCA would cease operating its tourist station when the proposed community radio station became operational.

A short time later, CJRO was operating as a community station and was available from Rockdale Road in the east to Anderson Road via highway 417 in the west, Mitch Owens in the south and up to Navan Road in the north. Studios were located at 6020 Piperville Road and the antenna was at Harkness Park. At this time, the Vars transmitter was not yet operational.

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