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Valley Heritge Radio

CJHR-FM2007106.313,000Valley Heritge Radio


On September 8, V.R. Garbutt, on behalf of a not for profit corporation to be incorporated (Valley Heritage Radio) was licensed to operate an English-language FM Type B community radio station in Renfrew. The proposed station would operate at 98.7 MHz with an effective radiated power of 14,000 watts (maximum of 27,000 watts). Antenna height would be 106.3 metres. The station proposed to offer 109 hours of programming in each broadcast week, and all of the programming would be locally-produced. The station would offer primarily “Heritage” Country and Easy Listening music reflecting the musical heritage of the Ottawa Valley.


On October 27, CJHR was authorized to decrease effective radiated power from 14,000 watts (27,000 maximum) to 13,000 watts (20,000 maximum), and decrease antenna height from 106.3 metres to 105.3 metres. There would also be a change in the proposed antenna site. 

CJHR-FM – “The People’s Voice of the Ottawa Valley” began on-air testing on December 11.


CJHR-FM signed on the air in January. Studios and offices were located at 3009 Burnstown Road, between Renfrew and Burnstown. The transmitter and antenna was next door at 2989 Burnstown Road. 


Andrew Cartwright, a former news director at CJAD, was now with Valley Heritage Radio 98.7 Renfrew as morning host.

Bill Parker joined Valley Heritage Radio as Operations Manager. He had been with Majic 100 in Ottawa. 


On August 22, CJHR received a short-term licence renewal from the CRTC – to August 31, 2024. In 2012-704, the Commission found the licensee in non-compliance in relation to the filing of annual returns, and renewed CJHR-FM’s broadcasting licence for a short term. In regard to the present case, the licensee re-filed the annual returns for the 2013-2014 through 2015-2016 broadcast years, reflecting the correct reporting period for each. The Commission was now confident that the licensee had taken appropriate measures to be in compliance over the next licence term.

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