CHPR-FM, Planete Lov’, Hawkesbury

Cogeco Inc.

CHPR-FM2018102.13,000Cogeco Media Inc.
CHPR-FM1999102.13,000Radio-Nord Inc.
CHPR-FM1983102.1780Radio Fusion Inc.
CHPR-AM19761110250CFML (Cornwall) Ltd


On October 31, CFML (Cornwall) Ltd. was denied a French-language station at Hawkesbury, on 1110 kHz with 1,000 watts of power. The CRTC did say though, that it would be willing to consider an application for a low power rebroadcaster to improve CFML’s reception in the area.


In May, CFML (Cornwall) Ltd. was given approval for a new AM rebrodcast station at Hawkesbury, operating on 1110 kHz (CFML’s old Cornwall frequency) with 250 watts of power – daytime only. Studios would be in Cornwall.

The Hawkesbury station signed on the air as CHPR.


The sale of CFML was approved in June. Benard Bertrand, Extelle Bertrand and Bertrand Investments Ltd. would sell their shares of CFML Radio (Cornwall) Ltd. to Pierre A. Belleau (100%). The ownership transfer application also sought part-time local programming on CHPR, originating from the Cornwall studios.


CFML Cornwall became CFIX.


The CRTC approved in principle, a change of facilities for CFIX Cornwall that would allow it to broadcast 24 hours a day. The Department of Communications rule the application as technically unacceptable. CFIX was told to submit a revised proposal by October 1. The CRTC also noted that a separate application would be required for any change in the broadcasting hours of CFIX’s rebroadcaster at Hawkesbury – CHPR. 


The CRTC approved the application to transfer ownership of CFIX Cornwall and CHPR Hawkesbury to Robert Chevrier (37.5%) and Jean Soucy (37.5%). Pierre A. Belleau would retain a 25% interests. The new owners intended to re-apply for 24 hour operation, approval for which was granted last year and allowed to lapse.

The licenses for CFIX and CHPR were renewed by the CRTC to March 31, 1982, in the hope that a purchaser could be found. The licensee (Les Communications Franco Ltee) went into receivership and informed the Commission of such on August 21. Price Waterhouse Ltd., a trustee in bankruptcy was then given Commission authority on August 28 to operate the stations until a buyer could be found. 


In January, CFIX was sold by Price-Waterhouse Inc. to Veerndra Adihya of Toronto. CFIX would continue on as a French-language station, even though the new owner didn’t speak the language. The closing of the purchase apparently did not take place.

On June 30, the CRTC denied the purchase of CFIX and CHPR by Idea Akashwani Communications Ltd. from Price Waterhouse Ltd. upon surrender of the existing licence issued to Les Communications Franco Ltee. CFIX was the only private French-language service in Cornwall. It served part of Eastern Ontario through its rebroadcaster, CHPR. In recent years, the station had experienced many problems in attracting a reliable audience and maintaining a viable operation. Problems included management difficulties, technical restrictions (daytime only) and market fragmentation. At public hearings held in December of 1978 and March of 1981, the CRTC studied applications by the station to change the power and frequency of CFIX and totransfer control. In decisions of April 2, 1980 and April 30, 1981, the CRTC approved these applications. However, most of the improvements planned were never implemented. . The CRTC says it still considers a local French radio service in the area highly desirable, but the applicant did not allocate the necessary funds for a viable operation, proposing insufficient staff and over-optimistic revenues.

At the same time as the above denial, the Commission also turned down a second application by Centrex Broadcasting Ltd. for a new AM station at Cornwall (1600 kHz with 2,500 watts). The CRTC stated that it again reviewed the economic

The licenses for CFIX and CHPR were renewed on September 30.


On June 30, Radio Cornwall-Hawkesbury Inc. was authorized to purchase CFIX and CHPR from Price Waterhouse Ltd. Radio Cornwall-Hawkesbury was owned by Guy Vaillancourt of Lachute, owner of CJLA-AM in that market. The applicant proposed two FM rebroadcast transmitters to simulcast CFIX and CHPR during the day and continue service at night when the AM transmitters have to leave the air (92.1 MHz Cornwall and 102.1 MHz Hawkesbury…effective radiated power of 50 watts for both). These new FM transmitters were also approved. The AM transmitters would be allowed to  continue operation for two years to enable the applicant to consolidate operations. The new FM transmitters would also be allowed to broadcast some programming from CJLA.

In December, CFIX Cornwall left the air.


On June 28, CHPR had its licence renewed and it, along with the Hawkesbury FM rebroadcaster were given approval to change their program source from studios located in Cornwall and Lachute to the Hawkesbury studios, as well as  the studios of CJLA in Lachute. On this same date, CJLA was authorized to move to the FM band. As part of the conversion application, CJLA noted that it would broadcast some 32 hours a week, programming received from CHPR Hawkesbury.

CHPR advised the CRTC prior to the licence renewal  hearing in April that it would not seek renewal of the licences for CFIX-AM and the low power FM station at Cornwall. The two FM transmitters approved in 1983 had not yet gone on the air and CFIX had left the air at the end of 1983.


On March 19, approval was given CHPR-1-FM Hawkesbury to increase effective radiated power from 50 to 780 watts. CHPR-AM Hawkesbury would be phased out when the FM power increase goes into effect. The power increase took place late in the year.

On April 24, CHPR, CHPR-1-FM (and  CJLA Lachute) were given approval to affiliate with the Radiomutuel network.


On August 3, Radio Fusion Inc. was given approval to purchase CJLA Lachute and CHPR-1-FM Hawkesbury from Radio Lachute (Mirabel) Inc. and Radio Cornwall-Hawkesbury Inc. respectively. Radio Fusion Inc. was owned by Jean-Pierre Major and Daniel Major (50% each). The two principals of RFI had been operating both stations as employees since September 1, 1987 by virtue of clauses contained in the sales agreement that was entered into with the vendors on August 12, 1987. Radio Lachute (Mirabel) Inc. and Radio Cornwall-Hawkesbury Inc. were owned by Guy Vaillancourt.


On August 21, the CRTC approved the sale of Radio Fusion Inc. (CJLA-FM Lachute and CHPR-FM-1 Hawkesbury) from Jean-Pierre and Daniel Major to Radio Nord Inc.


On February 6, approval was granted to change the corporate name from Radio Fusion Inc. to Radio Nord Inc. A power increase was also granted for CHPR-1-FM from 780 to 3,000 watts.


On November 23 the CRTC renewed CHPR-FM’s licence until August 31, 2012. The licence would be subject to the following condition: During each broadcast week, the licensee shall broadcast no more than one hour of English-language programming consisting of newscasts, interviews with members of the community, special interest features concerning social and cultural activities of the community, as well as advertising up to a maximum of 5 minutes per day.


CHPR changed from Lov Radio to Planete Lov (also CJLA 104.9 Lachute).


On August 8, the CRTC administratively renewed the licence for CHPR-FM until August 31, 2013.


On October 11, the CRTC approved the application by Cogeco inc. on behalf of its subsidiary Cogeco Media Inc. for authority to acquire CHPR-FM and several other stations from RNC Media Inc.

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