CKGN-FM, French, Kapuskasing

Radio Communautaire Kapnord Inc.

CKGN-FM199389.73,000Radio Communautaire Kapnord Inc.


Radio Communautaire Kapnord Inc. received approval to operate a French language FM (Type A) community radio station at Kapuskasing. It would operate on a frequency of 91.5 MHz with an effective radiated power of 33 watts. The licence would only be in effect from June 19 to 22. The purpose of the station would be to interest the local population in the establishment of a French-language community radio station. Such licences were also granted in 1990 and 1991.


Radio Communautaire Kapnord Inc. was issued a licence on January 26 for a French-language FM (Type A) community station at Kapuskasing. It would broadcast on a frequency of 89.7 MHz and have an effective radiated power of 3,000 watts. The applicant proposed to serve, in addition to Kapuskasing, several small north-eastern Ontario communities, including Opasatika, Harty, Val-Rita, Moonbeam, Fauquier, Strickland and Smooth Rock Falls…a coverage area not currently served by any local French-language station. Kapnord had promoted the station during four short-term licence periods in 1990-92, and $80,000 was raised. A federal grant was expected to cover half of the capital costs of about $300,000. Kapnord has 300 members and a volunteer training committee is in place. Pelmorex Radio, owner of CKAP (English) and CHYK (French) opposed this application.

The applicant committed to produce a minimum of 66 hours of live local programming per broadcast week, and to increase this amount depending upon the participation of volunteers. The applicant also committed to broadcast each week 50 hours of locally-produced automated programming, and 10 hours of programs originating at community station CINN-FM Hearst. News would be 90% local/regional and would draw on NTR (Broadcast News). Although a Type A licence, advertising would be limited to a maximum of six minutes per hour. 

CKGN-FM signed on the air on October 20.


On April 20, CKGN was authorized to add an FM transmitter at Smooth Rock Falls, operating on 94.7 MHz with an effective radiated power of 250 watts.


CKGN-FM-1 signed on at Smooth Rock Falls.


On November 20, Radio communautaire Kapnord Inc. received approval to change the transmitter site for CKGN-FM-1 Smooth Rock Falls. Antenna height would be decreased from 50.8 metres to 50.3 metres. 

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