CJUK-FM , The Bay, Thunder Bay

Acadia Broadcasting Ltd.

CJUK-FM200999.937Acadia Broadcasting Ltd.
CJUK-FM200199.937Big Pond Communications 2000 Inc.


On November 29, the CRTC approved the application for a new commercial FM station to be owned by Big Pond Communications 2000 Inc., operating on 99.9 MHz with an effective radiated power of 37 watts. The station would broadcast 126 hours of local programming per week and offer a “golden oldies” music format aimed at the 25-54 age group.


CJUK “Magic 99.9” began broadcasting at the end of August. Studios and offices are at 995 Memorial Avenue.

Randy Pike joined Magic 99.9 as news director. He had been across town at CKPR.


On May 10, Newcap Inc. was given approval to acquire CJUK-FM from Big Pond Communications 2000 Inc. Newcap already owned CJLB-FM in Thunder Bay.


On July 23 the CRTC renewed CJUK-FM’s licence to August 31, 2014. 


On October 7, the CRTC approved an application to change the authorized contours of CJUK-FM, by increasing the effective radiated power from 37 watts to 250 watts. The proposed increase in power would result in a change of CJUK-FM’s status from a low-power unprotected service to a protected Class A1 station. All other technical parameters would remain unchanged. Newcap stated that it was seeking to rectify technical deficiencies in CJUK-FM’s signal and, in particular, to improve its reception within buildings. The applicant affirmed that approval of the application would not expand CJUK-FM’s coverage outside Thunder Bay.

On December 2, the CRTC approved an application by Northwoods Broadcasting Limited for authority to acquire from Newcap Inc. the assets of radio stations CKTG-FM and CJUK-FM Thunder Bay. Northwoods is a wholly owned subsidiary of Acadia Broadcasting Limited, a corporation wholly owned and controlled by Ocean Capital Investments NB Limited, which in turn is wholly owned and controlled by its sole shareholder and President/CEO, Mr. John Ernest Irving. The proposed transaction involves the acquisition of the assets of two stations: CKTG-FM and CJUK-FM. In Broadcasting Decision 2005-192, the Commission approved an application by Newcap for authority to acquire from Big Pond Communications 2000 Inc. the assets of CJUK-FM. Consequently, the acquisition of CJUK-FM will occur shortly after a previous change in control. CJUK-FM was originally licensed in 2000, as a low-power English-language commercial FM radio station to serve Thunder Bay. Since it was still in its first licence term in 2005, the Commission was concerned about potential licence trafficking issues including the extent of the financial gain associated with the proposed transaction. A fter having examined the proposal which included Big Pond’s rationale for the sale of the station, the Commission found that in the circumstances it was unreasonable to infer that the primary motivation of Big Pond’s owner in selling CJUK-FM was to make a significant financial gain. Furthermore, the Commission concluded that any financial gain that would accrue to Big Pond as a result of the transaction would not be unreasonable. In the present application, Newcap explained that despite concerted efforts to run the station successfully, the location of the station, isolated from Newcap’s other stations, has made its operation more complicated. Newcap also indicated that finding a qualified, motivated and stable general manager has been difficult and that it has employed four general managers in the span of three years. Northwoods indicated that it is very motivated to own and operate these stations. It argued that the transaction is in the public interest as it clearly sees how these stations fit with its cluster of stations in Kenora, Dryden, Fort Frances, Red Lake and Sioux Lookout. Moreover, Northwoods highlighted that the addition of Thunder Bay to its Northern Ontario group would create administrative and programming synergies among its services, notably, by allowing them to share news and information relevant to these communities. Northwoods stated that CKTG-FM and CJUK-FM would remain autonomous, full-service radio stations, dedicated to serving Thunder Bay on a daily basis. Production, sales, traffic and day-to-day administration would all reside in Thunder Bay. Northwoods further indicated that there would be some cross-station support for commercial production, the sharing of skills, voice talent within commercials and promotional announcements and that it would promote a free flow of ideas and concepts between the stations, which would allow each station to use new and refreshing ideas and improved processes. The Commission notes that the sale of CJUK-FM is also part of an application involving CKTG-FM, a station that is not in its first licence term and that has not undergone a recent change in control. CKTG-FM is a well-established station that was purchased by Newcap in 1988 and the sale of CJUK-FM must be examined in this context.

Brent Preston, formerly general manager at MIX FM (CJRL), was promoted to GM at the company’s CJUK/CKTG Thunder Bay. Preston remained group sales manager for the Northwoods properties. In the Spring of 2007, he succeeded Hugh Syrja as general manager/general sales manager at MIX FM.


Magic 99.9 morning man and music director Darren Brown returned to CKLM-FM Lloydminster, AB. 

Northwoods Broadcasting Thunder Bay Program Director Sandra Dolynchuk, who resigned that position, was now PD at Newcap’s CHNK-FM Winnipeg. Stepping into the job was Jim Hamm, formerly of Rogers Radio Sudbury. He oversee both Magic 99.9 FM and 105.3 The Giant.


The CRTC approved the change in the effective control of Acadia Broadcasting Limited from John E. Irving to a joint control exercised by John K.F. Irving and Anne C.I. Oxley, following the death of John E. Irving in 2010. Acadia was the licensee of radio stations in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Ontario, following the amalgamation of Northwoods Broadcasting Limited with its mother company Acadia on February 3, 2012.


In August, CJUK changed format from Hot Adult Contemporary (Magic 99.9) to Classic Hits (The Bay).

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