CHAP-AM, Longlac

Left the air

CHAP-AM1977145040Kenomadiwin Inc. – CHAP left the air
CHAP-AM1970145040Kenomadiwin Inc


On December 15, Kenomadiwin Inc. was granted two-year experimental licences to operate on 1450 kHz with power of 40 watts at Lake Helen, Pays Platt, MacDiarmid, Longlac, Aroland and Gull Bay.


The stations began broadcasting: CHAS Aroland, CHOP Gull Bay, CHEW Lake Helen, CHAP Longlac, CHIP MacDiarmid, CHOX Pays Platt.


On December 12, the licences for CHAP, CHEW, CHIP, CHOP, CHAS and CHOX were renewed but the station would discontinue the use of its mobile studio and establish permanent studios at Longlac.


CHAP’s licence was renewed for one year to permit resumption of service. The station had been off the air since May of 1977. Despite the renewal, CHAP never returned to the air.

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