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On May 21, the CRTC approved the application by Stephen Spencer Bell, on behalf of a company to be incorporated (would be known as North Superior Broadcasting) for a new FM station at Marathon. The new station would broadcast on a frequency of 93.1 MHz and have an effective radiated power of 50,000 watts. The station would provide a desirable local service emphasizing issues and activities of interest to the residents of Marathon and the surrounding area.


CFNO-FM began broadcasting on July 17. The station used an NEC 12 kw FM transmitter. Owner Spencer Bell was the manager. The “NO” in the call sign: Northern Ontario.


CFNO received a $90,000 incentive loan from the Northern Ontario Development Corporation. The station was the only FM outlet in the north Superior region.

On January 11, the CRTC renewed CFNO’s licence until September 30, 1985.


On August 7, approval was given to CFNO for rebroadcast transmitters at Geraldton (107.1 MHz, with a transmitter power of 4.7 watts), Hornepayne (107.1 MHz with a transmitter power of 4.5 watts) and Longlac (107.1 MHz with a transmitter power of 4 watts).

Another rebroadcast transmitter was approved for CFNO on October 8, operating at Nipigon / Red Rock on frequency 103.7 MHz with an effective radiated power of 200 watts. North Superior was adviced to seek an alternative frequency. North Superior was advised to seek an alternative frequency because CJLB and CKPR/CJSD-FM opposed the use of the area’s last available Class C channel, which offered a maximum power of 100,000 watts.


On October 7, rebroadcast transmitters were approved for Dubreuilville (93.9 MHz with an effective radiated power of 500 watts) and Wawa (107.1 MHz with an effective radiated power of 5 watts). 

On-air names included, Paul Roberts (mornings), Chris Mitchell (mid-day), Dan Younge (PM drive), Doug Crosse (evenings), and Coral Pitre (news director).


Approval was granted January 16 for CFNO to add a transmitter at Chapleau on a frequency of 100.7 MHz. Effective radiated power would be 213 watts.


On May 1 approval was given for a new FM station at Wawa, operating on a frequency of 107.1 MHz, with an effective radiated power of 210 watts, with a transmitter at Chapleau, on 100.7 MHz and ERP of 130 watts. At the same time, North Superior received permission to delete CFNO-FM-8 at Chapleau. CJWA Wawa which was owned by Pelmorex Radio Inc. ceased operations in September 1996. The new FM station approved today would fill the void resulting from the closure of CJWA and would continue as a an affiliate of the Pelmorex radio network. North Superior would also purchase various on-air equipment from the now defunct CJWA.

Approval was received on June 5 for a change of frequency for CFNO-FM-4 Geraldton, from 107.1 to 100.7 MHz and an increase in ERP from 5 to 130 watts. The transmitter site would also be relocated approximately three kilometres north of the existing site.


On August 28, new rebroadcast transmitters were approved for CFNO at Nakina (107.1 MHz with an effective radiated power of 49 watts) and White River (100.7 MHz with an ERP of 10 watts).

H. F. Dougall Co. Ltd. of Thunder Bay was given approval to purchase North Superior Broadcasting Ltd. 


On December 9, North Superior was authorized to delete CFNO-FM-6 Dubreuilville as the transmitter was no longer required. 


Fraser Dougall was presented with an Order of Ontario. Dougall, the owner of Dougall Media, was the first Canadian to create a TV operation that held two licences in the same market. Thunder Bay Television carried CTV on one station and CBC on the other. The media owner and philanthropist actively promoted community interests and supported local projects through his radio stations’ and TV programming.


The CRTC approved a change to the ownership structure of the licensees listed below, for estate planning purposes, through the transfer of the Class A Voting Preferred shares held by Mr. H.F. Dougall in H.F. Dougall Company, Limited, the parent corporation of the licensees, to a joint ownership of these shares by Mr. Dougall and Ms. E.C. Dougall. The transaction would not affect the effective control of the broadcasting undertakings as it continued to be exercised by Mr. H.F.Dougall. North Superior Broadcasting Ltd., Northwest Broadcasting Inc., 1333598 Ontario Limited and C.J.S.D. Incorporated were the licensees of FM radio programming undertakings in Northwestern Ontario.


On June 22, the CRTC administratively renewed the licence for CFNO-FM Marathon and its transmitters CFNO-FM-1 Nipigon/Red Rock, CFNO-FM-2 Hornepayne, CFNO-FM-4 Geraldton, CFNO-FM-5 Longlac, CFNO-FM-7 Nakina and CFNO-FM-8 White River, until November 30, 2012.

On October 22, the CRTC renewed the licence for CFNO-FM Marathon and its transmitters CFNO-FM-1 Nipigon/Red Rock, CFNO-FM-2 Hornepayne, CFNO-FM-4 Geraldton, CFNO-FM-5 Longlac, CFNO-FM-7 Nakina and CFNO-FM-8 White River to August 31, 2019.


On February 12, the CRTC approved the application by CFNO-FM to operate a rebroadcasting transmitter in Beardmore. The new transmitter would operate at 107.1 MHz with an average ERP of 260 watts (non-directional).


In August, Fraser Dougall passed away at age 73. He was president of Dougall Media and joined the company in 1958. Dougall purchased CFNO in 2002. CFNO-FM received CRTC approval in October to increase the effective radiated power of CFNO-2 107.1 Hornepayne, from 4 watts to 280 watts. Antenna height (EHAAT) would be raised from 17.5 to 37 metres.


On July 4, CFNO received a short-term licence renewal until August 31, 2025 for for issues of non-compliance related to submitted music lists.

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