CJXY-FM, Y108, Hamilton

Corus Entertainment Inc.

CJXY-FM2000107.9100,000Corus Entertainment Inc.
CJXY-FM199795.3100,000WIC Radio Ltd. (Western Broadcasting)
CJXY-FM199195.3100,000Westcom Radio Group Ltd. (Western Broadcasting)
CKDS-FM198595.3100,000Westcom Radio Group Ltd. (Western Broadcasting)
CKDS-FM197495.3100,000Radio ML Ltd. (Western Broadcasting)
CKDS-FM196795.3100,000Maple Leaf Broadcasting Co. Ltd.
CHML-FM196495.32,900Maple Leaf Broadcasting Co. Ltd.
CHML-FM194894.1250Maple Leaf Broadcasting Co. Ltd.


CHML was issued an FM licence.


Ken Soble announced that construction work would soon begin on CHML’s Radio Centre in Hamilton. The two storey building, with an overall floor plan of 10,000 feet, would contain offices and facilities for all departments and provisions were being made for the addition of a large auditorium and television studio.

CHML-FM began broadcasting. It operated on a frequency of 94.1 MHz and power was 250 watts. The transmitter was located atop The Medical Arts Building on James Street South at Yonge Street. The “H” in the call letters was for Hamilton, the “ML” for parent company, Maple Leaf Broadcasting Co. Ltd. The company also owned CHML-AM which had been on the air since the 1920’s. Maple Leaf was owned by Ken Soble. CHML-FM used an RCA transmitter.


A new building was built for CHML-AM and FM at 848 Main Street. When the new facility went into operation, Soble described it as the most modern in North America.

Tom Darling was manager and Denny Whitaker was commercial manager.


CHML-FM was authorized to change frequency from 94.1 to 92.1 MHz.

The station received approval for the operation of a 1,000 watt emergency transmitter.

CHML, CKOC and CJSH-FM (Hamilton Spectator) participated in the formation of Niagara Television Ltd. The company filed an application for the operation of a TV station at Hamilton, operating on channel 13. CHML President Ken Soble, appeared at the CBC board meeting and said that he would manage the television station if it were approved. The TV application was approved.


Ownership of Maple Leaf Broadcasting Co. Ltd.: K. D. Soble 93.4%, Mrs. Frances Soble 3.3% and Miss. Thalia Davis 3.3%.

CHML-FM left the air.


Maple Leaf Broadcasting put CHML-FM back on the air on September 14. This time around, CHML-FM was found at 95.3 MHz with 2,900 watts of effective radiated power, and broadcasting in stereo. The transmitter was located on the roof of an 18 story apartment building at 121 Hunter Street West, between Bay and Caroline Streets in downtown Hamilton. CHML-FM operated independently of CHML-AM. It had its own building, staff and programming.


Kenneth D. Soble was President of Maple Leaf Broadcasting Co. Ltd. Tom Darling was Vice President and General Manager.


CHML-FM’s founder, Ken Soble died on December 16.


CHML-FM’s call letters were changed to CKDS-FM — “KDS” to perpetuate the memory of its founder, Kenneth D. Soble.

On September 8, CKDS began broadcasting from an antenna on the CHCH-TV tower, located on the Niagara escarpment one-mile southwest of Stoney Creek. Power was increased to 100,000 watts (horizontal and vertical). Antenna height was 1,115 feet (overall).

The studios were moved from the CHML building at 848 Main Street to an adjacent converted dwelling at 11 Springer Avenue. 

CKDS was offering 18 hours of separate programming (from CHML) per day.


W.E. (Bill) Hall was named vice president and general manager. He had been station manager. 

R.J. (Dick) Drew was appointed general sales manager of CKDS/CHML. He joined CHML in 1961 as a sales rep. Most recently Drew served as general sales manager of another Hamilton station. His appointment was effective December 2.


Robert C. Sheppard was appointed promotion-publicity-merchandising manager. He joined the CHML-AM promotion department in 1965 and was named traffic manager in 1967. His appointment was effective June 1. 


Frank MacKay was appointed promotion-merchandising manager for CKDS-CHML.


Standard Broadcasting of Toronto (CFRB) announced plans to acquire CKDS/CHML subject to CRTC approval. If the sale was approved, Tom Darling, president, would stay on as CEO, and there would be no changes made to the stations. 

On December 17, CHML Radio Ltd. (Standard Broadcasting Corp. Ltd.) had its application to purchase CHML and CKDS from Maple Leaf Broadcasting Co. Ltd. denied.

CHML’s association with CHCH-TV ended when the television station was purchased by Selkirk Communications.


On July 8, Radio ML Ltd. was granted permission to acquire CHML and CKDS-FM  from Maple Leaf Broadcasting Co. Ltd.


CHML-FM operated from its own building, had its own staff, programming, sales budget, promotions and merchandising.


Don Luzi was appointed vice president and general manager of CKDS / CHML. He had been general sales manager.


On October 22, the CRTC turned down an application that would have seen the transfer of effective control of Western Broadcasting Co. Ltd., owner of Radio ML Ltd., thru the transfer of 55.8% of the common shares of WBC from companies controlled individually or jointly by F. A. Griffiths, D. S. Owen and J. R. Peters – North Continent Communications Ltd. (26.3%), Doncaster Investments Ltd. (19.5%), Atlin Investments Ltd. (1.9%) and Peters Management Ltd. (0.3%) to J. Raymond Peters, on behalf of a company to be incorporated; and the entry into a voting trust agreement by the proposed shareholders of the company to be incorporated. This deal was tied in with a similar proposed transfer of Premier Cablevision Ltd. of which WBC held 26.1%.

Richard Gale did the evening show.


Tom Darling retired on his 70th birthday – after 50 years in the business. He was president of CHML-CKDS and would remain with the stations as a consultant.


Don Luzzi who rose from general sales manager to general manager at CHML and CKDS, was now president of Radio ML Ltd.


Ed Victor retired as chief engineer of CKDS and CHML. He was replaced by Bob Burger. On June 21, ML Radio Ltd. was given permission to acquire CHML and CKDS from Radio ML Ltd. There was no change in ownership. These companies were wholly owned by WIC Western International Communications Ltd. which was controlled by Frank A. Griffiths thru his ownership of Western Broadcasting Co. Ltd.


On January 11, the CRTC renewed CKDS-FM’s licence until September 30, 1985. CKDS / CHML announced plans for new studio facilities in the west end of the city. Completion was slated for September of 1985. Employees participated in the ground-breaking in September of 1984.


CHML/CKDS president Don Luzzi appointed Ted Townsend as chief engineer. Townsend had been part of the engineering department since joining the company in 1969. At this point in time, he was coordinating the design and construction of the studios and equipment of the new CHML/CKDS radio centre scheduled to open in October. On May 6, the CRTC denied an application by CKDS to increase its ratio of vocal selections from 50% (easy listening) to 75% (middle of the road). The denial was given as a punishment because the station apparently strayed from its Promise of Performance. The Commission charged, for at least three days in February, CKDS played 58% vocals. The station did its own audit, and claimed the level of vocals was only 55% – within the 5% tolerance level. The CRTC then analyzed another full week and found the vocal level to be 56%. The station’s performance would be reviewed when its licence renewal came before a June hearing. ML Radio Ltd. and Western’s other radio properties were merged into Westcom Radio Group Ltd.


CKDS-FM began broadcasting from new studios at 875 Main Street West on June 23 at 7:45 a.m., coinciding with the gathering of broadcasters in Hamilton for the 1986 CCBA convention. The new facility was a commercial complex, located opposite Westdale Secondary School. It replaced another local landmark, Paddy Greene’s pub. CHML and CKDS have the entire second floor of the building – 18,000 square feet. This includes a well-equipped lunchroom and exercise room for staff. Restaurants, stores and other services are located on the main floor. The old building was sold to the Canadian Bible Society, and the ‘Dial 900′ sign from the outside of that building was now in the visitor’s lounge of the new facility. New studio to transmitter link facilities required expansion of the AM STL to a two hop system, also higher antennas at both the AM tower site and the CHCH-TV tower which housed the FM antenna and AM STL relay. New McCurdy boards were used in the studios. Ted Townsend was director of engineering. Chuck Hayes, David Lennick, Richard Gale (evenings), and Blair Haviland (news) were on the air at CKDS.


John Burns resigned as CKDS/CHML news director to return to reporting. John Hardy took over as news director. John McCann left CKDS / CHML where he had been general sales manager. He was replaced by Ed Duarte from CHAM.


On August 10, an application by Hometown Radio Inc. to purchase CHML and CKDS-FM from Westcom Radio Group Ltd. was denied. Hometown’s prospective shareholders included the Dofasco Employees Savings and Profit Sharing Fund and the Dofasco Supplementary Retirement Income Plan, each with 12.5% of the voting shares. The remaining 75% was to be held indirectly by Don Luzzi, a Hamilton native with a lengthy career in broadcasting. Mr. Luzzi joined the staff of CHML and CKDS in 1976 and had served as General Manager since 1981.


Danny Kingsbury was named program director and Darren Waslyk, assistant program director and marketing director, for CKDS and CHML. Jeff Lumby was also named morning man at CKDS. Announcer line-up: Roy Green (6-10), Brian Wood (10-2), Sandy Bishop (2-6), John Harris (6-10), Richard Gale (10-12) and Ted Michaels (overnight). The news team included, Mary Devorski, Gina Lorentz, and Anne Riches (traffic). Brian Wood moved to mornings, Jeremy Smith joined for mid-days.


On September 1, CKDS-FM with an adult contemporary format, became CJXY “Y95” with a classic rock format. On-air: Jeff Lumby (6-10), Jeremy Smith (10-3), Brian Wood (3-8) and Bill Osborne (evenings). News: Kevin Bechard, Tedd Colbear, Monica DeSantis (traffic). Others: Neil Hedley, Todd Lewis, Bob Wallace (left this year).


Neil Hedley was now doing evenings. Al Craig did sports. Todd Lewis and Anne Riches were among the traffic reporters. Tim McLarty joined for swing in January. He was also working at sister station CILQ in Toronto.


Scott Thompson and Lori Love were now handling afternoons. Darryl Hartwick was in the news department. Jeff Waugh, Rod Weymark and Kelly Dean were also on-air. Program director Danny Kingsbury left for CILQ Toronto.


Frank Griffiths, founder of Western Broadcasting Co. Ltd. (owner of Westcom Radio Group), passed away in April. Announcers included: Jeff Lumby, Scott Thompson, Jeff Waugh, Tim McClarty, Rod Weymark, Brian Wood, Neil Hedley, Todd Lewis, Kelly Dean, Jeremy Smith, and Lori Love. News: Paul Tipple, Al Craig (sports).


Westcom Radio Group Ltd. became WIC Radio Ltd.


The Griffiths family holdings in WIC Western International Communications Ltd. were sold, subject to CRTC approval, to Shaw Communications Inc. and CanWest Global Communications Corp. Morning team Jeff Lumby and Mike Richards left Y95 for Toronto’s CISS-FM.


Following months of negotiation, agreements were filed with the CRTC on the split of WIC assets between CanWest Global, Corus Radio Company (formerly Shaw Radio), and Shaw Communications. Corus Entertainment Inc. was formed September 1, from the media assets of Shaw Communications Inc. On-air: Scott Thompson & Lori Love (mornings), Brian Wood (mid-days), Todd Lewis, Lea Miller (afternoons). Others: Mike Tyler, Tim McLarty (left this year). News: Tedd Colbear, Al Craig, Jeff Storey, Dave Spragge, Bill Stirrup, Carolyn Tangney, Yvonne Van De Wiele, Shiona Thompson, Roger Wardell.


Following an April hearing in Vancouver, in July, the CRTC announced the approval of the purchase of WIC Radio by Corus Radio Co., which included CJXY-FM Hamilton. Jeremy Smith was in mid-days and Todd Lewis was in afternoon drive. Notes: On May 13, Jeff Chalmers joined for weekends. In November, 21 people lost their jobs at Corus Radio in Hamilton. Gone from CJXY were Scott Thompson & Lori Love (AM Drive), Jeremy Smith, Todd Lewis and program director David Foreman. In December, Alan Cross became PD. He was last at sister station CFNY Toronto (on the air).


On August 31, Energy FM at 107.9 (CING) and Y95.3 (CJXY) swapped frequencies. CJXY moved to 107.9 MHz as Y108 and CING moved to 95.3 MHz as Energy FM @ 95.3. Both stations were owned by Corus. On-air: Stu Jeffries (5:30-10:00), Mike Tyler (10-3), Alan Cross (3-6). Others: Jeff Chalmers, Chuck Evans and Bob Sherwin. Notes: Stu Jeffries joined for AM Drive in February from CING Burlington.


On August 5 the CRTC renewed CJXY-FM’s licence until August 31, 2012.


Corrie Miller left Y108 for sister station Vinyl 95.3.


Derm Carnduff was no longer Program Director at Y108/Vinyl 95.3. Jim McCourtie became PD for the stations. He had been PD at FM96 and Fresh FM London. There were a number of changes at Corus Entertainment related to its organization review to streamline decision-making and clarify roles and mandates. Among the changes: Reporting to Hal Blackadar, Executive Vice President and interim President of Corus Radio – Chris Pandoff, VP/GM, Corus Radio Toronto and Hamilton (was VP/GM for Corus Radio Toronto only but now added Hamilton duties held by Suzanne Carpenter). Ted Townsend, the Director of Engineering at Corus Radio Hamilton, retired. Townsend began with CHML almost 40 years ago and had been with it and the acquired stations throughout his career. Chris Pandoff became Executive Vice President and President of Corus Radio effective December 1, responsible for the radio stations and the division’s interactive arm. He succeeded Hal Blackadar, the interim President of Corus Radio, who announced his retirement earlier this year after four decades in broadcasting. Pandoff was most recently Vice President/General Manager of Corus Radio Toronto and Hamilton.


After 6 years with Corus Radio Hamilton, Andre Schikolenko left Y108 to accept a position with RBC Financial. David “Rocky” DeRocco, who was promotions director at Corus Hamilton, moved to Astral Hamilton to become promotion/ marketing director. He began March 14 and succeeded Tracey Fischer. Suzanne Carpenter, vice president and general manager of Corus Radio Toronto also become responsible for Corus Radio Hamilton as of mid-August. Lars Wunsche, director of sales for Corus Radio Toronto, added the Corus Hamilton cluster to his sales responsibilities. Hamilton GSM Carolyn Thorn would report to Wunsche. Carolyn Thorn, general sales manager at Corus Radio Hamilton, was no longer with the cluster.


Michael Cassar was the new general sales manager for Corus Entertainment Hamilton, moving to radio from outside the industry. He’d been with Grand & Toy and Canon Canada as Sales Manager/Director. Monica Lapajne left Corus Radio Hamilton for CKWS-FM Kingston where she became midday announcer and Music Assistant. David Meikle, Retail Sales Supervisor/Manager of Interactive Sales at Corus Hamilton, was no longer with the cluster. He moved to CUE Digital Media in Toronto as the National Digital Account Manager. On August 8, the CRTC administratively renewed the licence for CJXY-FM until August 31, 2013.


The new afternoon host at Y108 was Brian West, moving from sister Corus station Dave FM Kitchener where he was the morning show’s co-host. This was the nine-year Corus veteran’s second go-round with Y108.


In February, Richard Gale passed away. He hosted “An Evening with Richard Gale” on the old CKDS-FM for 28 years. He was 74.

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