CKGE-FM, 94-9 The Rock, Oshawa

Durham Radio Inc.

CKGE-FM200394.950,000Durham Radio Inc.
CKGE-FM200094.950,000Corus Entertainment Inc.
CKGE-FM199394.950,000Power Broadcasting Inc.
CKQT-FM199194.950,000Power Broadcasting Inc.
CKQS-FM197994.950,000Grant Broadcasting Inc.
CKQT-FM197994.950,000Grant Broadcasting Inc.
CKQS-FM196694.950,000Lakeland Broadcasting Co. Ltd.
CKLB-FM195793.514,000Lakeland Broadcasting Co. Ltd.


Lakeland Broadcasting Co. Ltd. (A. H. Collins 98.6%, Mrs. F. I. Collins 0.7% and R. J. Collins 0.7%), owner of CKLB-AM, received a licence to operate a new FM station at Oshawa. It would broadcast on a frequency of 93.5 MHz with a power of 8,830 watts. 
Gordon Garrison formed a group to purchase CKLB-AM and the FM licence. The corporate name changed slightly to The Lakeland Broadcasting Co. Ltd. 

CKLB-FM 93.5 began broadcasting on September 12. Power was 14,000 watts. Studios were at 16 Centre Street. The transmitter and 130 foot tower were on part of Lot 30, Concesssion 5, Darlington Township, Durham County. CKLB-AM and FM were independent stations with no network affiliation.

An ad promoting the launch of CKLB-FM claimed it was “Canada’s most powerful FM station.” This may or may not have been the case. The ad also said the station broadcast high fidelity programs from serious classics to progressive jazz, aimed at important groups of specialized music enthusiasts. 


Toronto lawyer Charles J. Henry (OBCI) applied to purchase Lakeland Broadcasting Co. Ltd., owner of CKLB-AM and FM. The application was deferred at Henry’s request. 

The CBC was to hear an application for the change of ownership of CKLB-AM-FM from Lakeland Broadcasting Co. Ltd. to Charles J. Henry, OBCI. The application was withdrawn by the present owners because Mr. Henry’s option to buy had expired. CKLB-AM also had an application before the CBC Board to increase power. The technical application was recommended for denial. As to the proposed ownership change, present owner, A.H. Collins, was questioned by the CBC as to why the sale fell through. He said he had no intention of selling unless the price was right and he had not received a cash sum originally offered by Mr. Henry. A board member suggested that the power increase applied for by Collins would, if granted, make CKLB more valuable in a sale. Collins replied that he was prepared to give assurance he was not asking for a power boost to improve his sale position. 

Gordon Garrison applied to run CKLB-AM-FM which he’d been doing for the past five years, but he now had an agreement to buy the stations from Al Collins. Gord came east in 1945 from his hometown of Brandon, MB, and had worked at CKX there for two years. He then joined CKCR Kitchener, moved on to CFOR Orillia and then CKDO in 1948, as announcer-writer-operator. He added sales duties to his work load a short time later. Collins took over the stations from Walter Dales in 1950. At that time Garrison dropped everything but sales and was named sales manager in 1952. On July 1, 1953, Collins gave Garrison managership. If the sale is approved, AM would continue to be local in its attempt to fight off the big Toronto stations. The FM would continue with its “music for the connoisseur.”


Studios and offices moved to 360 King Street West.


CKLB-FM broadcast 133 hours a week, programs that were independent from CKLB-AM. The station still broadcast in mono. Gordon G. Garrison was President of Lakeland Broadcasting Co. Ltd. Dick Trotter was General Manager of CKLB-AM and FM.

Gary Price joined from CKLB-AM.


On June 6, CKLB-FM became CKQS-FM, with the “QS” standing for Quality Stereo. A special message prepared to introduce the station to its listeners was read by announcer Garfield Shaw.

The station moved from 93.5 to 94.9 MHz on December 6. Power increased from 14,000 to 50,000 watts. Antenna height increased from 130 to 417 feet. The same transmitter site was used. It was located northeast of Oshawa, near Mitchell’s Corners, on the north side of Taunton Road. 


Slogan: CKLB / CKQS The twin voices of the Lakeland Broadcasting Company – KL Oshawa Radio – QS Quality Stereo FM Radio.


Vern Cavanaugh, former program director, was named station manager as of March 1. He succeeded Richard Trotter who left for CHIN-AM-FM in Toronto. Cavanaugh had been with CKQS for the past two years and with CHFI-AM-FM Toronto before moving to Oshawa. 


CKLB and CKQS had plans to move to a new studio location. The existing King Street building was sold but Lakeland Broadcasting ended up owning it again!


On December 27, George H. Grant on behalf of a company to be incorporated received federal approval to acquire CKLB-AM and CKQS-FM from Lakeland Broadcasting Co. Ltd.  (Gord Garrison). German and Italian programming on CKQS was to be retained for at least one year. The new owner was to improve substantially the quality of local community services on both stations.


CKQS Announcers included, Mike Saunders (AM Drive), Don Allman (Middays), Arne Celsie (PM Drive).

Grant Broadcasting Ltd. (George Grant) took ownership of CKQS-FM and CKLB-AM.

On February 4, CKQS became CKQT “On The Quiet Side”. The format remained easy listening. The “QT” in the calls: Quiet.

CKQT announcers included, Mike Saunders (AM Drive), Don Allman (Middays), Arne Celsie (PM Drive), Hal Hill (Weekends). News – Jack Horahan, Bill Easter, Terry Steele, Jim Gilchrest (sports), and Bob Burr (sports).


Former Toronto announcer Jim Paulson joined the CKQT announce staff. Other announcers included, Don Vernon (6-11 a.m.), Don Allman (11-3) and Eddie Luther (PM Drive). Mike Langois was a newscaster and Paul Relinger did traffic.


Dave Snodgrass, chief engineer for CKAR and CKQT, moved to CKWW in Windsor. He was replaced by Kirk Stewart of CJJD in Hamilton.

Jim Paulson joined the CKQT air staff from Toronto’s CKEY.


Jim Paulson, Carrie Kerr (traffic) were on the air.

Lee Habinski was named news director at CKQT/CKAR.


CKQT and sister station CKAR were to be broken up when the sale of the AM outlet by Grant Broadcasting to Daniel Pickett was approved. The transaction was never completed.


On September 27, the sale of CKAR and CKQT-FM by Grant Broadcasting Ltd. to Power Broadcasting Inc. was approved, despite the overlap of CKQT-FM’s signal by Power’s CFMP-FM in Peterborough. 


CKQT had a pretty steady on-air line up during this perios: Eddie Luther (6-10), Don Allman (10-4), Eddie Luther (4-8), Jim Paulson (8-12), Overnights: Satellite Radio Network.


Marilyn Louw was named vice president of sales for CKQT / CKDO.

On-the-air: Andy Carlson (5:30-10), Jim Kelly (10-2), Dale Parker (2-6) and Shawn Turner (evenings). Weekends: Derwin Cooper, Wes Morgan, and Gary Hadfield.

On February 5, CKQT-FM dropped its long-time easy listening/beautiful music format for Hot AC. The call letters changed to CKGE-FM on February 8. The station was now known as “The Edge”.

Former CKQT announcer (1981-93) Eddie Luther passed away at age 72 on February 16. He had done his last show two and a half weeks earlier. Terry Johnston joined from sister station CKDO to do AM Drive (5:30 to 10). Dale Parker is PD. 

General manager Dave Lyman left CKGE-FM / CKDO in June. 

Lee Sterry was named vice president and general manager of CKGE / CKDO. Wayne Ens was named sales manager.


Terry Johnston, Sean Turner, Jim Kelly, Mark Orton (news), Kevin Kipping, Wes Morgan, Gary Hadfield, Larry Maxwell, Peter Kay, Derwin Cooper

Don Allman died December 6. He was involved with CKGE and CKDO since the AM station’s launch in 1946. Andy Carlson still listed as doing mornings.


In August, CKGE-FM dropped “The Edge” slogan and became “Magic 94.9”, with little change in format.


On June 1, CKDO began simulcasting the programming of CKGE-FM.


Early in the year, CKDO was airing programming separate from CKGE-FM, although the format was similar to the FM station.

CKGE and CKDO moved to new studios and offices to Oshawa Airport’s new terminal building at 1200 Airport Boulevard.


CKDO was again doing some simulcasting of CKGE. 

Lee Sterry left Power Broadcasting (Oshawa) to become general manager at Magic 99.9 (CFWM-FM) Winnipeg.


Teresa Kaszuba, Kella, Craig Fee, Rob Cowell, Gary Bernarde, Ron Marshall, Laura Mainella, and Paul Pedro were now heard on CKGE.

Peter Allen became general sales manager at CKGE/CKDO. He had been general manager at CKCB-FM Collingwood.


On March 24, the sale of Power Broadcasting Inc. (including CKDO and CKGE) to Corus Entertainment Inc. by Power Corporation was approved. Corus took control of the stations on April 13.


Charity Brown, Chris Lesage, Davin Robbins, Jennifer Beers, John Dunn, Ben Cleveland were now heard on the station.

February 16 at 9:49 a.m., CKGE Magic @ 94.9 became Energy FM @ 94.9 – The All-Hit Superstation. The station simulcast CING Burlington starting on February 19, except for mid-days which are anchored by Mike Devine.

Bob Fisher was named general manager at Energy 94.9 / CKDO. He had been with the Forvest stations in Saskatoon, and joined the Oshawa stations in mid-April.


On May 3, at 9 a.m., CKGE returned to “Magic @ 94.9 FM, Today’s Best Music Mix.” The format was modern Adult Contemporary. With the frequency flip of sister stations CING Burlington and CJXY Hamilton, CING’s Energy format now better served the GTA, making the Oshawa signal redundant.


On April 23, the sale of CKDO and CKGE-FM by Corus Entertainment Inc. to Durham Radio Inc. was approved. Durham owned CJKX-FM “KX96” in nearby Ajax. Durham took control of CKDO and CKGE in early June.

On June 12, “Magic at 94.9” relaunched at “94.9 The Rock”. The format consisted of music from the 1960’s to today.

On September 1, CJKX Ajax joined CKDO and CKGE at 1200 Airport Blvd., Suite 207.  


Former CKGE-CKDO (Lakeland Broadcasting Co. Ltd.) owner Gord Garrison passed away.


It was announced that David Marsden would receive the Alan Waters Broadcast Lifetime Achievement Award during his induction to the Canadian Music and Broadcast Industry Hall of Fame March 11 (2011) in Toronto. Marsden was the architect and creator of Canada’s first alternative music station, CFNY Toronto. Early on in his broadcast career, he was known as a controversial motormouth on Toronto radio under the name Dave Mickie. 


Al Kingdon, former director of sales and marketing at JAZZ91 FM Toronto, was now with Durham Radio in a sales capacity. 

Doug Elliott joined 94.9 The Rock as program director and afternoon host. He had been with K-Rock in Kingston. 

Rod Weymark left 94.9 The Rock to become Program Director and Morning Host at CHGB-FM Wasaga Beach. Rod had been with the Oshawa station for almost 10 years.

CKGE changed format from Mainstream/Classic Rock to Active Rock. 

Matt Diamond was appointed Music Director at 94-9 The Rock. 

Lee Eckley joined 94-9 The Rock’s on air team. Lee had been at the Rock over the last year on a part time basis. Over his 35 years on air in Toronto, Lee cracked the mic at CFNY, Q107 and CHUM FM. 

94-9 The Rock announced that effective January 7, 2013 Craig Venn would return to the Toronto airwaves as morning host on the Rock…Craig and Wendy Boomer with Rock Mornings. Craig was most recently with 95-1 The Rock in Windsor.

Ron Combden, former Regional Engineering Manager for the GTA/Kitchener clusters of Rogers Radio, was the new Technical Manager at Durham Radio. He left Rogers in February of 2011.

Craig Robertson and Vanesssa Murphy left 94.9 The Rock in December. Craig left to pursue a music career after being with Durham Radio for 11 years and Vanessa left after almost 10 years to join the staff at Boom 97.3 in Toronto. 


Mike Luck joined “Rock Mornings with Craig Venn” in January as a co host and provider of information and surveillance on 94-9 The Rock. He succeeded Wendy Bouwma, who’d been in the slot since this past summer. Venn, who began January 7, was most recently at 95.1 The Rock Windsor.

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